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Default American duplicity.

...Political Views?

I rarely post, speaking to politics, because just when it feels like I have a clue...a new wave of, "don't you feel stupid, now?", sweeps across the media-fueled world of public opinion. As usual, I see this political problem from it's two extremes. Either the solution is "nuclear-scientist" complicated...or gob-smackingly simple! Currently resident within America, and heart-and-business-tied to many others in the world...I am torn between the patriotic American pride I grew up with, and the mind-bending excuses required to explain apparent American atrocities to others. I am keenly interested in helping wherever I can, so that I might affect this disparity in a positive way.

I am grateful for the words within this forum, speaking to the source of this disparity. I know many of the things spoken of, and I would submit, that there is a clear distinction between America and Americans. The statement has been made that, "America's controllers remain faceless to the world while they let America take the blame for what they are doing."...and it elucidates my point. I completely agree with this statement, but I would add my experience to this, and point out that to the rest of the world, the controllers are not nameless or faceless. To the world, it really appears that the controller is named America...and it's us!

This is a masterful illusion, because few of us Americans suspect that this has happened. The recent Georgian conflict is a perfect example. Breaking news in America, pointed out that it was clearly determined that the big, bad, Russia...had attempted to squash the tiny, struggling, peace-loving, lil' "democracy" of Georgia. Fortunately, the "knee-jerk" response that has been nurtured within our government, was a little worn out, that day...and 100 ICBMs did NOT launch. There was enough time for conflicting signals to snarl, and delay any American government commitment, on this issue. World Press got it right the first time, and the unbelievable story of Georgia's aggression was shamelessly published...creating chaos for the American media. There were few retractions after getting this story WRONG...and in many ways, American news agencies just carried on..."business-as-usual". I was astounded to discover that many of my friends had no clue about this issue happening half-a-world away...for days. My friends in the UK, were spot-on, in their assessment of this...and they forwarded their sources to me early-on, as this drama unfolded.

I am just mentioning this recent "single" issue, in order to provide an example of the perception many non-Americans hold, regarding our country. To them, we are the struggling reporter...scouring the Earth for a breaking story...that is TRUE. This image may be fueled by Hollywood, but the impression stands, just the same...we, as a people, are held to the standard of TRUTH. The idea that the Georgian conflict was "mistakenly" reported, may seem like a fluke to us...but to the rest of the world, it really is, "business as usual". Just like the "disconnect" between the spot price of silver, and the "actual" price of silver...there seems to be a disconnect between American news, and the "actual" news. These "little" details combine to create dualities everywhere...and by virtue of being one of the biggest "visible" kids on the block, America has earned the reputation for being the "bully" at school.

What can we do as the American electorate to affect the world's perception? This level of control sometimes makes it appear impossible for us to affect ANYTHING...including our own leadership. The "complexity" of this problem is likely a result of too many agendas...too many candidates...and not enough TRUTH! The big clue to what it is we are seeing/hearing/learning may be gleaned from the perceptions of the REST of the world...and they are seeing a much different picture. This difference is profound, because TRUTH SHOULD BE SELF-EVIDENT. The "minor" detail, that it is sometimes passed-on incorrectly...speaks to the level of faith we should invest into our "current" information.

I reserve my judgment about the American Presidential Election, until election day. Until then, I am waiting for the fat lady to sing. While I am waiting, I am closely studying the world, from my usual place...and listening to my usual sources. I have seen minds opened and changed...just within this forum...during its existence. Shouldn't I expect to witness far more significant discoveries, en-masse, in the coming weeks?

I would agree with many about Ron Paul. My observations support this man on the basis of TRUTH. Dr. Paul did not ever waver in his stand on the issues. In fact, Ron Paul addressed issues that didn't appear to far as the other candidates were concerned. Although it appears as though Dr. Paul is not an option, in this coming election...the TRUTH is still a CHOICE.

Many people in this forum have espoused their freedoms with regard to spiritual choices, guns, and property. Maybe these freedoms were PLANNED to become an illusion. Certainly, our freedom to vote, appears to have become an illusion. Diebold says that they cannot fix the digital ballot machines before the 2008 presidential election...even though they have been PROVED to be inaccurate in countless counties across the American nation in 2006. Absentee ballots appear to be being tampered with, in America also...or entirely discarded. There is news about these things...but when will it matter to anybody...AFTER they step out of the voting booth? This is just one example of the TRUTH.

Candidates can be held to this standard of TRUTH, as well, if we insist. Total control may be planned for us too...but it hasn't happened, yet. Our voices can still tell the truth...or ask for it. Asking your neighbor for the truth about where your morning paper went, off of your lawn, could be great practice. The next step could be a letter to your Congressman asking him why he voted to send your son or daughter to Iraq. Ultimately, somebody might get around to asking Obama and McCain to GO ON RECORD...with the TRUTH.

You see, at this point, I'm not really sure if it makes a difference who wins the election...Its down to a single issue...who can prove they're telling the truth?
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