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Consider God/Satan, Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer. I'm almost afraid to really dig into this...and I've been putting it off. There's the 'book answers'...and then there are the 'real answers'. It's the potential 'real answers' that are frightening me. As I've stated New Theology is Christocentric Egyptological Science Fiction...and very non-traditional. Most of religion and history is BS...but there is still the underlying truth...which should not be ignored. Hathor may be the key to Enki as Goddess. I'm not sure why...but it sounded cool! Here is a very interesting music video...which I keep referring back to. is a Stargate SG-1 episode titled 'Hathor'. Listen very carefully to what gets said in this episode. But heck...why not get the 'truth' straight from the horse's mouth? Here is a rather dull link which contains a few tidbits of interesting information.
Could this pretty preacher (I'm in love! ) approximate a modern manifestation of Hathor? Do a little research on this last one. You'll be amazed...

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