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Default Re: Orgone devices: Helps balance all energy

Originally Posted by dddanieljjjamesss View Post
This is the first time I've heard of anything like this, I'm interested, but I would like to know some of the science behind it. I have a friend who is quick to call me out on new age beliefs, and he said that orgone has long been debunked. Can I play devil's advocate in your thread?
On top of my fridge I have an orgone's about 5.5 in tall and about 4 in across at the base. It sits right over the spot where my ice trays are. This is how I proved to myself that orgone is real. When the cone is not present the ice is as usual, has kind of a cloudy white center, you know, a regular ice cube. When the orgone device is put in place, the ice is crystal clear and there are visible molecules (bubbles) rising to the surface, apparently reaching toward the device. Try this at home
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