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Default Re: Orgone devices: Helps balance all energy

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
I bought some orgonite myself and they did not worked for me.

....we have the inner power to harmonize our environment by attuning to the right attitudes and raising our frequency

...higher frequency permeates all around you as one can become a beacon of light in due course

...if we can co exist in harmony and respect one can work together to create an harmonious environment

You are completely correct according to your whole belief/imagination/experience system, or your whole "being reality". So many ways that this is proven to me personally. For example, there are those, for what ever reason(s) who agree with orgone devices and there are those who, for what ever reason(s) who do not.

Personally I'm definitely better off selling orgone to those with open minds and hearts. If someone admits to me that they do not believe in orgone devices I most likely will tell them that they could find inner peace somewhere else in life and not with orgone devices, or at least the orgone devices that I construct & sell. Why take the chance on making someones possibly life more negative by selling them something that they may continue questioning or not believing in?

I do not recommend any other orgone devices made by anyone, unless I know them very well. This does not meant that all orgone engineer are negative beings. That's why your own ability of open mind, open heart, meditation and higher self communication is sooooooooooooooo important for you to re-learn, experience and evolve as a whole. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth unless you're "being" some or all of those natural abilities (on a constant basis) that I just listed. I know all truth being never ending and ever changing because that is what all reality is... energy in constant motion. For example, you want to believe that certain in life do not or ever change, then that is only you "being" (experiencing) that constant change of reality.

How could anyone, (for example only) "be more negative" by owning a properly constructed orgone device? Because WE ARE OUR REALITY, like constantly we "are" our whole reality. Ever known anyone to be involved with something that wasn't right in your opinion? Well guess what? There are lessons, known and unknown that are to be learned by all involved.

Speaking of being negative, here is an example of my own negativity that I had brought into my life described here in this brief video. OF course I did find a positive solution for it as well.... (let me know if link doesn't work)

I also realized a long time ago that reality is always perfect, it is constant perfection. *If not then god or creator would not let it exist, in my opinion. I also believe that nothing is really negative or positive because it's all constant change because it is all energy. I also believe that everything is "one" or oneness and everyone could chose being more oneness if they wanted to.

By the way, anyone know of ANY movies or TV shows or video games where they actually say the word "orgone"? Do you realize why? The multi-trillion dollar movie/TV/video game industry is actually the US gov. who is actually "who ever else", lol. Anyways, for any movie/TV show/video game to advertise such things as orgone energy in any communication format, well, that's just not part of the sheaple programming that we all seem to help continue.

Another reason why I mention this is because I actually did see a movie that mentioned the word orgone energy and I thought that it was a very good movie. The movie is called, "Android' and it was made between 1980 & 1982. I love 80's movies anyways. If you have a bit torrent program you could probably get that movie too.
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