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Default An Official Non-Conspiracy: The Hollow Earth & Agartha

Here is a topic of profound interest to us all.

For those of you unfamiliar with Agartha, please allow me to summarize a few very important points.

- Unlike what we are told by 'conventional' science, the center of the earth is hollow NOT a burning ball of lava, or solid Iron.

- Many E.T. races come not from without, but within the earth.

- There is a very complex system of tunnels and sublayers within the hollow earth controlled by a variety of powers that be.

- There are millions of inhabitants (so 3-4 meters in height) with live in the hollow earth. Many are in excess of 150,000 years old and live in a higher vibration than our own.

- Opening to the hollow earth exist throughout the world, however the primary opening to our hollow earth and inner sun exists are the North Pole.
Accepting the proposition of a hollow earth will sync with many pieces of knowledge you've come to understanding regarding ETs, underground bases, and more-or-less tied the whole world wide government conspiracy.

For further sources and research regarding the Hollow Earth and Agartha, may I kindly point the finger towards this article:


And this series of youtube videos:

(Coast-to-coast interview)

Feel free to share feedback and/or post helpful research sources of your own.

Personally I feel very drawn to Agartha. I believe the inhabitants of Agartha are reaching out to us all telepathically, and working very closely with their own 'surface agents' as it were indeed.

Hopefully this will start a profoundly informative and interesting line of conversation which will initiate more people to the knowledge of Agartha and shatter some old worn-out beliefs about our world.

Venerable peace,
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