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Default A possible secret to free unlimited energy?

Hi guys!

So, I'm brand new to the Project Avalon forums, but I've been following Project Camelot for about the last year now, and I have to say you guys are doing and awesome job at getting some very important information out there.

Now I haven't heard much talk in this circle about a scientist named Nassim Haramein, and it's very strange how a lot of his research and development ties in with what many of the guests say (David Wilcock recently brought up the shape of a tetrahedron within a sphere, which is Haramein supposed shape of the vacuum and possibly the most important shape in human existence).

Anyway, if you'd like to check out his research and papers (they're pretty amazing), then you can download them for free at http://theresonanceproject.org/

He's really great at explaining his unified field theory in easy to understand language, especially in the layman papers, but the real heavy stuff lies in his scientific papers which those of you with a better understanding of physics might be able take a look see and figure out if he's on the right track. I was an English major, so math is not exactly my forte'.

Hope everyone is doing well, and maybe we might be able to use some of this research to help us in the trying times ahead.


- J
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