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Arrow Top Area 51 ‘Stargate Commander’ Given Total Control Of $700 Billion US Bailout

Check this out, Nothing Is As It Seems...

Even the bailout and meltdown are melded with esoteric and possible ET. goings on...It seems 'The Rabbit Hole' is far deeper than anyone can imagine.


If you want to see the whole article and photos please go to:


October 6, 2008

Top Area 51 ‘Stargate Commander’ Given Total Control Of $700 Billion US Bailout

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

Russian Military reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that the entire $700 billion bailout package just signed into law by President Bush has been put into the hands of one single man by the US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson in one of the strangest moves yet committed by the United States in its managing the total collapse of the World’s entire financial structure.

What makes this move so strange is that the man being tasked with saving the entire Western banking structure is an Indian-American named Neel Kashkari [photo second left] who though currently serving as the senior advisor to the US Treasury Secretary is better known in Russian Intelligence circles as the American aerospace engineer known as the ‘Stargate Commander of Area 51’ as prior to his entering the higher echelons of the US financial structure was one of NASA’s top scientists who created, among other technological wonders, the James Webb Space Telescope which is due to replace the failing Hubble.

Mr. Kashkari, these reports state, was employed by the American defense conglomerate TRW, which among its many government contracts includes its ultra secret projects at the Groom Lake, Nevada, otherwise known as Area 51:

“Area 51”, officially designated as an "operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada", is the nation's leading-edge aerospace research, development and testing complex, managed by the Air Force Flight Test Center Detachment 3 (AFFTC DET 3), headquartered at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California.

This sprawling Nevada site is one of America's most vital conglomerate defense R & D complexes with a primary emphasis on weapons systems integration with avionics and aeronautics, employing an average of anywhere from 1200 to 1800 defense contractors personnel who work with various projects under highly compartmentalized programs and in various shifts and durations, such as on daily basis, weekly or even months-long assignments. The huge complex is equipped with fully sufficient accommodations for the contractors personnel who need to stay on the base until their assignments or projects are completed.”

These reports further state that Mr. Kashkari had just returned to the United States from Iraq where he was the lead investigator into the mass suicide of American troops attempting to ‘open’ what is described as a ‘stargate’ in the ancient Iraqi city of Babylon, and as we had previously reported on in our September 10th report “US Troops Commit Mass Suicide After Babylon ‘Stargate’ Opened”.

This task was particularly suited to Mr. Kashkari, these reports continue, due to his previous work with what is described as the ‘ancient technology’ currently being held by the United States at their Area 51 complex, and which has long been rumored to also hold the remains of aliens and their spacecrafts retrieved by the Americans over the past 60 years, and which earned him the Russian Intelligence codename of ‘Stargate Commander’.

Though it will most certainly pass without either knowledge, or comment, among the American people why the staggering sum of $700 billion entrusted by them to their government is going to an aerospace engineer instead of a World-Class economist, it has not escaped ours, especially when viewed in the light of these Americans last attempt to open the Babylon Stargate which resulted in the near destruction of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which was being used as the ‘power source’ for this attempt to ‘contact the gods’, and which we had reported on previously in our September 11th report “CERN Attempt To ‘Talk To God’ Nails Heart Of Earth…Again”.

Further to be noticed of these events is that Pope Benedict XVI has begun the historic reading of the entire Christian Bible from Rome, and which is one of the most ancient, and feared, rites of Christendom meant to presage what they term as the beginning of the “Last Days”. This particular event should be particularly noticed as it is occurring at the same moment that Britain is preparing to end a 300-year-old exclusion of Catholics from the line of succession.

The greater significance of Pope Benedict’s actions we had, also, previously reported on in our April 23rd report “US-British Leaders Swear Allegiance To Pope As England Destroyed”, wherein we had detailed the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sudden resignation and nearly immediate conversion to Catholicism in Rome.

Not to be overlooked in this “Grand Trine of Ages” [the merging of Rome-London-Washington D.C. into a new Babylon] being led by the British Empire is what is being called in some Russian Intelligence circles as the ‘final pegging’, where the United States will fall completely under the authority of the British Crown, and which for the first time in American history is now possible with the likely ascendancy of Barack Obama to the Presidency as under the British Nationality Act, 1948, his Kenyan father was a British citizen, along with all of his children, making the future American President a subject of the Queen as he has never renounced his allegiance to her throne.

To our most ancient of history we must look too as during the last age when the attempts were made to open the Babylon Stargate our World was met with near total destruction, and as told in the most ancient of stories surrounding what is now called the Tower of Babel.

From those most ancient of days the surviving physical reminders are the 30 Egyptian obelisks that have survived into our times for our warning/instruction, and of which only 7 remain in Egypt as 13 were removed to Rome as the ‘New Center of Babylon’, with the others being strategically placed in London, Israel, Turkey, France and New York. But, to the ‘newest’ of these obelisks, and the modern one meant to ‘merge’ the power of the ancients, one need only look to the center of Washington D.C. where the largest of these ancient monuments rears it defiance to the heavens and is called the Washington Monument.

It goes without our saying that it is neigh impossible for all but the most initiated in these matters to fully comprehend the fullest imports of these events, and of our words herein describing them. But, to our greatest understanding of these things it lies with the coming Full Moon as Mercury ends it retrograde and our Sun aligns once more with Neptune this coming week wherein the greater mysterious will be revealed more fully for those truly seeking knowledge, and which, and as always, we will dutifully report on.
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