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Default Greetings

Greetings all, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name, is obvious, I think. I didn't really see a section for this type of topic, so I figured "Off-Topic" would fit the most.

Currently I'm a ten year web developer/applications designer. I know over seven computer languages, most of which I've mastered. I'm not sure where else to go with this introduction since I don't want to give a life story.

I found Project Camelot basically by a series of pure accidents. The beginning of which is because of my fascination in science (I always knew there was life outside of Earth, to me it made absolute zero common sense to think otherwise), which lead to some research material, and a long story short; I found Project Camelot.

After viewing all the videos on Project Camelot, several other videos not available at Project Camelot, and reading these forums; it seems everyone is very awakened by now. For me, it too, has completed a huge circle of hypotheses which probably would have never been answered without Project Camelot, everyone involved, and everyone who has awakened themselves.

For that, I thank everyone, and I look forward to seeing how everything evolves from here.
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