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Default Alan Watt(Researcher) - books, free videos, free mp3s

All posts by myself etc. using Alan Watt, site-name, logo, etc. are unauthorized by Alan Watt, and any content, comments, etc. are not from Alan Watt or the Official Websites. Please see http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com/ for Alan's Official Website.

Hello, I want to recommend Alan Watt to everyone. His work is extremely important. Please support him as he needs the support very badly, and watch out for scammers and fake cuttingthroughthematrix websites, because there are some fraudsters out there stealing Alan's work, and selling it.

Anywho, here's some of Alan's info:

literally 100's of hours of free audio interviews going back to 2004


Alan Watt has four books available in total,

3 of them ( in Spiral-Bound Paper Format ), an intertwined trilogy showing much of the esoteric control governing both ancient and modern man:
Cutting Through 1 - The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda
Cutting Through 2 - A Glimpse into the Great Work
Cutting Through 3 - Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition

and a new book,
"Waiting for the Miracle.....
The Symbiosis of Exoteric and Esoteric Societies and Their Unfaltering Goals Down through the Ages"
Part 1 and 2: Edited transcripts from radio audio shows on the subject, 1998-2000, in one book.
These talks on religious origins and secret societies first aired on worldwide shortwave Sweet Liberty Radio.
A written companion to Ancient Religions/History MP3 CDs,

Video -

http://video.google.ca/videoplay?doc...GYfq-gHUsf2yAg (reality check)

http://video.google.ca/videoplay?doc...GYfq-gHUsf2yAg (new world order)

http://video.google.ca/videoplay?doc...GYfq-gHUsf2yAg (casual talk in the woods)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d92uEoROvw (Peeping through the clouds - chemtrails)

DVD for sale:

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