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Default Warnings, Fears & Eternity - A Challenge

This is not a criticism, but as far as I can tell, there are two types of fear being played upon with all the info passing through Camelot and Avalon, and other such sites.

Through conspiracy research, for which Camelot is an excellent repository, we come across many plots and threats to our existence and freedoms, here on earth and even in other realms.

Of course this can inspire fear, especially when we feel powerless. We don't like the idea of suffering and we don't want our freedom, or potential for happiness, restricted by others.
When we see powers 'greater' than our own gathering to do just that we may feel fear, or even panic.

But I would challenge that fear on two levels.

First, can it affect me physically (temporally)?

Second, can it affect me Eternally?

Yes, our physical bodies can be hurt and controlled by physical means. All it takes is greater muscle than our own.
We may also be controlled mentally through programs like MK Ultra, various forms of groupthink, etc.

As to the second challenge, No, I don't believe we can be controlled eternally.

Life produces so much awareness, by default, through it's various experiences, that eventually our higher self transcends the physical.

Understanding this pulls the rug out from under any fear that may be hanging over us - and may even speed up the process.

So I would just like to say to all those who find the need to warn us about this plot or that plot, be it daemons, or aliens, or humans, or even galactic phenomena, Thankyou for your information.

If it's helpful to me in this physical realm, and verifiable by science or testimony (the rules of this physical realm) I will be sure to take it into account in the preservation of my physical self, and my mental sanity.

If the information you are relaying is borne from concern for my eternal fate, then I would thankyou also, for your compassion - but please understand that I would yet be compelled to ask, Why?

All evidence I have tells me there is no basis for such concern. There's nothing to be worried about regarding eternity.
Ultimately All return to Source.

Meanwhile we are all One anyway.

Those who have plans to hold us back from such return, be they spiritual or physical, assuming they even have the means, are as much a part of that utimate Oneness as we are.
They will eventually, inevitably, see the light and move on themselves - it's the default result of life experience - indeed the purpose of life.

All such darkened minds will eventually, even if takes millenia, tire of any satisfaction they gain from darkness, realise the futility of it and move on - and any they may have fooled into captivity along the way will then also be free to likewise move on.

So while 'powers that be', and all other fears, may affect us here and now, or even in future lives - ultimately we are still Eternally Secure.

All we need is awareness of that freedom - and the best way to find it is to give up fear...

So, next time you start to feel that darkness while reading about some great evil plot against us all, remember to take a deep breath and ask:

Does this affect me Eternally?
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