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Question Market paranoia?

Im realy worried now, I have shares in a big mining company in Australia, I have already lost around 6000 as I bought shares awhile back.. I keeps going down

Should I sell now or stick with it hoping the shares will climb back up or is this the end for copper and metals?

I wish I had money in gold
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Default Re: Market paranoia?

Paladin; Don't sell now, everything is oversold, your mining company will come back, I am thinking you have got three or four decades until retirement time, that should be enough to repair all of these temporary losses. The Big Boys are selling large blocks of stock now because they have to to cover other bad positions and get back in the black before the end of the month.
Think positive, this happened in 1987, in 2000, and again now.
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Default Re: Market paranoia?

Problem is.. I rely on this stock for monthly cash and I have been selling shares at half the normal price than what the original worth was just so I can pay my bills at the end of each month, I realy hope it goes up soon as I am loosing money each day and soon there will be nothing left if the trend continues.
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