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milk and honey
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Default Re: Oct 14 event canceled due to “free will” per David Wilcock

Something bothers me about a conversation like this. So what if spacecraft did show up in our skies on Oct 14th? What could it prove? One thing only. That whoever was the source of 'Blossom's' message was also responsible for the 'UFO' fly-over. That could be anyone including terrestrial powers who have UFOs and other technologies to pull a stunt like that.

Secondly, even if it was 'aliens', their appearance in UFOs would prove nothing about their motive and intentions, regardless of what was said in the chanellings. People who believe otherwise need to sober up and seriously examine the various possibilities.

Here's a good article with a few insights in that regard: http://www.montalk.net/notes/overloo...alien-presence

My own understanding is that there are no plans for positive spiritual beings to show up in UFOs in the event of a massive disaster scenario. These adepts do not operate like that. I believe they have advanced spacecraft but because they are beyond the need for them -- they can transport themselves by the power of their spiritualised mind -- they hardly ever use their craft. They certainly do not flaunt spacecraft to humanity as their spiritual ID and credentials. Why would they when even terrestrial criminals have advanced craft? Why muddy the waters for us?

The message of the true adepts is not overly concerned with our origin (or theirs) on other planets and star systems but with our origin in the spiritual plane. That is more important. Their message concerns the personal spiritual path of each soul and as Theresa said earlier, identifying and separating the lower- ego from the real- Self.

To that effect, the true adepts act from the inner planes and subtley influence the mind/emotions of human beings to help clarify our choices. Sometimes they identify themselves as the source of that inspiration (but not always) and the people who recieve their influence are free to reject it if they choose.

This planet and it's people have a heavy karma which has been building for ages. It is due and is manifesting as all the woes that have been described by various sources. The only intervention possible at this critical juncture is the relationship which i described using the discernment of our own spiritual- self to distinguish the spiritual adepts from lower astral entities.

In any event there is no external intervention on offer in the form of a revelation and landing by 'positive aliens' in UFOs. It's not going to happen and whoever turns up like that claiming to be our 'savior' is not. That includes but is not limited to a 'Jesus character'. He did not leave in a UFO and will not return in one.

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blind lemonade
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Default Re: Oct 14 event canceled due to “free will” per David Wilcock

From what I've seen and read on Wilcock's website, by far the most interesting stuff is the 'consciousness science' he has gathered and presented which seems to definitely prove the existance of a homogenous field of consciousness being at the root of all manifestation. His three free e-books are of a world class level of rigorously backed up and referenced science, literally proving that the material universe is a function of and maniifestation of intelligent awareness. Thus, we have a rare opportunity to experience compelling scientific evidence that our collective intent, if harnessed, is capable of building any world we choose, and in fact has always done so.

Wilcock's website is huuge, and issues of prophecy don't seem to reflect his raison d'etre. I feel the main message from Wilcock to us all is that the latent power of man the creator is much greater than most of us have realized - and this is the greatest secret of the PTB.

Whilst we endulge in endless speculation regarding the occluded, mystery filled issues of control groups, UFOs, and future timelines, the PTB isn't that concerned, as we are playing safely in an area of reaction and anxiety. To maintain an attitude of us vs. them necessarily keeps us down, and the dance we have danced from the beginning shows no sign of abatement. The PTB are in truth in power positions because they represent our own 'dark side' - and as any person who hasn't yet faced their own dark side is subject to the reactivity and self limitation of the parts of themselves which are not exposed to the light and integrated, we are all as a group faced with the same situation.

The Ra of Law of One fame once offered the tidbit that in order for one man to move a mountain using purely mental means, he would have to be purified of all distortion. Yet a large assemblage of persons acting in concert could hold a significant degree of distortion yet be able to move said mountain. I believe this speaks to the situation at hand, and the latent power of man.

The main game of the PTB is keeping us from finding out about our power to potentially instantly choose to use the power of consciousness to move into a place where they are totally irrelevent as a negative force, and in fact to transform this world into the next stage of evolution - a place where love rules. Many will tell you this is pie in the sky, and for many it is. Yet for those interested in knowing the absolute be-all and end-all of worldly secrets - that one understanding which the entire game has been about keeping from you, it's as simple as preventing as many of us as possible from realizing that humanity has such amazing powers, right now already, and always have. We could literally in the blink of an eye fundamentally change the world, right now, if enough of us got together with this knowledge. All starvation, poverty and want would literally disappear instantly, if we so focused on this outcome.

This is the great secret of the ages - of those who have enslaved you.

It's as freaking simple as that.
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Default Re: Oct 14 event canceled due to “free will” per David Wilcock

Originally Posted by milk and honey View Post
Something bothers me about a conversation like this. So what if spacecraft did show up in our skies on Oct 14th? What could it prove? One thing only. That whoever was the source of 'Blossom's' message was also responsible for the 'UFO' fly-over. That could be anyone including terrestrial powers who have UFOs and other technologies to pull a stunt like that.
milk and honey

Thank you. I provided the two quotes below contrasting each other. Again, I acknowledge that the will is ours and free; however the free will is lacking under the current circumstance.

Hopefully, from the discussion among our fellow members thus far, we have a better sense as to whether David Wilcock's statement is logical, valid, and applicable to similar prophecies in the future.

A UFO appearance would get people thinking outside the constraint of the Bible and other religious doctrines. It doesn't mean the ET's are benevolent; it doesn't mean the visitors are necessarily real ET's. Even if the crafts turn out to be back-engineered, it's still an indication/hint of the original source - UFO's.

The quality of our free will is greatly compromised, if we by and large operate and make our choices out of blind faith, propaganda, lies, and half-truths. Perhaps a limited appearance would be a good starting point to motivate people to step out of their conditioning and explore the truth. -feeler

“Such a mass visitation, at this stage in our planetary game, would be an absolute tragedy — an irreversibly vast insult to the free will of the overwhelming majority of people on Earth who would see it as a horrific and terrifying event, based on their Hollywood movie conditioning.” – David Wilcock
Coercion and manipulation undermine free will, on this view, in virtue of making agents not reasons-responsive. If Allison has been brainwashed to walk the dog at a certain time, then even if she were to turn on the news and sees that it is snowing, she would attempt to walk the dog despite having good reasons not to. Thus, manipulated agents are not reasons-responsive, and in virtue of this lack free will. [See Fischer and Ravizza (1998) for one of the primary reasons-responsive views of free will.]

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Default Re: Oct 14 event canceled due to “free will” per David Wilcock

wilcock is a dingle berry
and the whole thing was a lame psyop to get y'all whacky yakking


-->the aliens you encounter are the aliens you choose to experience<--

if you BELIEVE that fascist lizards are going to descend from spacecraft,
then that will happen for you.

If you BELIEVE that Greys and Zeta Ridiculans and shape ****ters
infest the planet, then they are under your bed.

Nancy Leider and the J Rod eloped last night.

There is no question that alien societies exist
with technologiocal superiorities to Earth ,and these alien star systems
are probably just as fascist pig as the International Criminal Clown War Puppet Masters
on Planet Earth.

so what...?
even if they ... "took over..."
humans still have God Consciousness
and the Angel Within.
Mankind's history is rife with conflict and war and aggression.
The neo con tyrants want to create a space weapons race.

Maitreya is universal.
Kuan Yin is a presence of Compassion.
and the Lotus Blossom fractalizes into infinty

the Mayan Jaguar came to me in a dream
and flashed with his eyes the universal sacred geometries
into my third eye with just a glance.

Alien presences of higher benevolence are experienced on a higher plane of consciousness.
Interdimensional contact is not by spacecraft.

It is by Experience.

wilcock is a distraction...

Creators of the the designer Solar System
have no "mother ship".....
they don't need one,.

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