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Default Thanks for the George Green update

Bill and Kerry,
Thanks so much for the update with George...I have been wondering when you would get back in touch with him for us to hear--seemed overdue, but I just highly value him and what he has to say and probably want more than he has time to give out. He really is a valuable and loud voice to be heard right now though. After all, the "ground crew" is from him and what this forum is focused towards uniting. George has some honest and important things to say and I hope you keep updating us with his and your thoughts. He also said that he was going to join the forum, which is awesome!--and possibly get his site running a little better with some weekly news or something like that, which is good to hear because his site does not do the info he holds and is receiving justice.

So what do y'all think? Does George have a good scoop with *what's gonna happen when Obama comes into office *(or anything else you feel should be addressed here)? I think Obama has it for sure...he is ahead in basically every poll and if he has the electoral college he won't be denied. And if they try to give it to Mccain, it might start a mini revolution. I think the 3rd steal in a row would be enough to spark major uprising from the people desperate for change in America. Sadly, we don't have a true change candidate... I probably won't vote for Obama, but I do think he will win, and who's to say what will change...probably not much, like George says would be my best bet.

And George didn't recommend buying junk silver and gold this time either, he just said to get small bills and stock up on essentials. Wonder of all of my running around trying to find reasonably priced and small amounts of silver is worth it...I'm sure it is, he just didn't mention it like he usually and clearly does.

Please post avalonians and give your thoughts about any content from this latest update and/or how much you want to hear more from George! In my mind he should be one of the guiders of the ground crew right now. Hope he gets on the forum soon here and has time to reply to us.
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