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Default Vivid dreams

I have not told many people about this because as many of you will know in this society, during school talking about these things does not get you the right attention!

In my life, (i am now 24) I have had four vivid dreams, like everyone I dream most nights but the four I will talk about were not just dreams. I can only describe them as being more real that reality! In a way I wasn't just there I was all enveloped by events. Emotion was stronger than what it normally is colours brighter, sounds clearer. And unlike my normal dreams I can remeber them in the same way even now several years later.

The first one was when I was around 13. I was on top of a hill or mountain side, the other people there were familiar to me. They looked like people that I knew from my life, they looked like them, but they were not the same people. These friends, or allies and I were standing around a device that looked like what I have since come to recognize as an Orgone cloudbuster. (Until last year i hadn't even seen a picture of one). There was a lot of fear around a manic rush to get this device to function. The sky was a dark shade of purple and there was something in the sky. It was like a hole or a tear in the sky with energy eminating from it. The last thing I saw was the device shooting energy back at this hole.

The second dream came later on when I was about 17. It was short but the most intense of them all. I was in what i believe may have been my home town running through the streets during a massive bombardment. Now the thing about this dream that has really sent a shiver down my spine since August, was that the aircraft in bombing us were Russian.
I have never experienced anything similar to it in my life but this bombing dream was like the first one. Very very real, to the point that I could feel the blastwaves and the heat from the bombs. I don't think they were using Nuclear weapons, from what i recall this was a conventional raid, using freefall iron bombs. But I cannot be sure. the dream ended when a bomb stuck close to me and killed me outright at which point i awoke.

The third dream came in 2001, pre September 11th. Like the first dream the sky was purple, however it wasn't such a deep shade. The energy tear in the sky (to my knowlege was gone). I was on a boat trip or boat ride on a large river, and I think it was the Thames because I remember kinda knowing the buildings as we past. The disturbing part of this dream was that all the buldings were either smashed, smoldering or destoyed outright. There were other people on this boat. Someone who i remember as figure was standing close by and I asked him "What happened to the building's?". He said that they were destoyed "During the war". I don't know which war or why, or anything else about it.

The fourth was early last year. The most significant to me personally and the most familiar. I believe it was chronologicaly set before the first dream i mentioned. This energy rip in the sky was present. they sky again, purple. There was a sense of impending doom or danger through out this episode. The main part i played was that i was trying to alert people to this danger and they didn't move they just sat transfixed in their chairs while i screamed at them to do something, or as i recall "Wake up".

Maybe they are just dreams, I told my mother about the first one when i was younger and she said it was a result of "All the stuff your reading before bed". I bought into that for a while, until i started looking into spiritual enlightenment, awakening etc. I wish i had been more open to myself about these thing. Insted I supressed them because i was scared. Half because of "How will people see me" and half because it might not be a dream it might be true.

Any help or comments would be appreicated.


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