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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

What I like about David Wilcock is that he is true to the principle of interpreting any given situation in such a way as to maximize the potential for spiritual growth. When that principle is understood/applied, it is impossible to be a "victim" of anything anymore. Everything - every circumstance - becomes a catalyst for spiritual growth. That is true self-responsability in my opinion. One never blame others/circumstances, but rather seek to use whatever happens as a tool for spiritual growth. Here is a quote from Wilcock's latest article concering spiritual evolution and 2012:


The perceived threats we face on the planet are real — let’s make that point clear. Lives have been lost, and more will be lost as we go on. This is an inevitable aspect of the greater drama of evolution we’re running through.

Nonetheless, we have documented an ongoing, highly impressive body of evidence suggesting that major, life-threatening disasters have been averted left and right — not by ‘good luck’, but rather a very deliberate intervention — over and over again — by beings far more spiritually and technologically advanced than ourselves.

It is their job to remain completely hidden, and thus take no credit for their hard work. If it were obvious that these ‘rescues’ were intelligently designed, there would be no motivation for us to change — and / or we would begin worshipping them as Gods rather than seeing them as fellow seekers on the path, serving the Universe in their own way.

As just one of many examples of such interventions, I have spoken repeatedly about multiple witness testimonies that UFOs have repeatedly powered down nuclear missile silos and knocked live missiles out of the sky during tests — and when they were recovered, all the radioactivity within them had vanished.

Our military sees these interventions as hostile acts, but in light of the greater context we now have access to, the motives behind this gesture are very clear. The Earth is a school for spiritual growth, and a vast illusion is maintained by higher beings.

The most important defining characteristic of this illusion is that we will always be presented with equal opportunities, in any given situation, to seek the negative or the positive.

This balance will never be altered at any point in our growth on this planet.

It’s the most basic, intrinsic rule that must be maintained for the ‘school’ to be effective.

Whether we believe it is working or not, the balance will continue either way… and we will continue to be protected from a vast number of different ‘nightmare’ scenarios.


Let’s be clear about something at this point: the changes we’re now going through ARE intended to be scary. Extremely scary. That’s what is required for us to experience the collective awakening that this ‘school’ is intended to give us. In spiritual terms it’s referred to as Initiation.

I’ve had many cases where I thought I had lost something of great value to me, contemplated and accepted whatever lesson I was being taught by this happening, and then discovered I hadn’t lost it after all.

This may seem like a weak and personal example, but there really is no difference between the personal and the collective. The world is simply a large-scale reflection of the issues occurring within each of us.

Therefore, the scary things we’re seeing on the planet now — the idea that nothing short of Divine Intervention could help us — is precisely the point. Our very existence here is a Divine Intervention in the first place… and we will continue to enjoy that protection as we move forward.


This is also not just a situation where we keep being born and reincarnating through the same mess over and over again. We are very clearly on a course curriculum — and the teachers want as many students as possible to graduate at the end of the year.

The time roughly around the end of 2012 could be thought of, in this sense, as Graduation Day… and our future from there on will be determined by how well we’ve navigated the curriculum.

On an esoteric / spiritual level, almost all teachers agree that the objective of this school is to teach us to love one another. The more unpleasant the world — and its leaders and controllers — may look to us, the more inclined we are to not act the same way… and that ultimately IS the whole point.

In more scientific terms, we can argue that we are going through an energetically-programmed evolution at this time.

Evidence shows this energetic evolution has direct effects on our level of consciousness — and even the structure and function of our own DNA.


In the Light,

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