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Default Current Fears - Who is To Blame ?

Hi All - Here is the current newsletter from Adrian Cooper - Isle of Man UK

I posted last weeks message about the current situation and it had a very positive responce. This week however - it seems that the administrator did not like the Title : it mentioned a certain persons name - so was pulled off the main Avalon forum. I have asked the question why - twice with no responce, as yet - 15 hours ?

I feel the overall content is just too important to be put on a backburner - at this time - We do all need something uplifting - from what I read in many of the postings. If I am to be shot down in flames - well - so be it !

You will each make up your own minds - Please pay particular notice to the Global "crisis" follow up.

Best Regards to All Paul R

Dear Paul,

Welcome to your newsletter.

I do hope you have enjoyed a wonderful week - and what a week it has
been as we will review later in this newsletter.

First of all, as always, I would like to extend a very warm welcome
to all new members of this newsletter. Once again there are a
particularly large number of you joining us, many referred after my
newsletter of last week, which we will further discuss later.

I do hope you find this newsletter, published every Sunday, to be
of value to you, both in enhancing the quality of your physical
life and the life of those close to you, and also of course on your
Spiritual Path during these crucial and pivotal times for all
humanity, and indeed for all life on Earth and Earth Herself.

I would also like to extend a very big thank you to all existing
members who have referred loved ones, friends, and those you truly
care about to this newsletter, thereby helping others and in so
doing fulfilling a crucial Universal Principle of Service to others
which in turn will be of great benefit on your own path - although
such help should come from Heart, Soul and Spirit, and not as an
ulterior motive - which I know is not the case with any member of
this newsletter, otherwise you would not have been led here at all.

If you wish to help others - loved ones, friends, neighbours,
co-workers, or those in need of help, Love and Light, then please do
share this newsletter - all you need to do is click forward to send
it immediately, and to refer them to the home page of our site
that they may join for themselves and receive our newsletter every


Please also keep in Mind that my book includes the solutions to the
mysteries of Life, why we are here, and where we are going. Every
day i receive messages of gratitude from readers who have found the
book life-changing, and is an ideal gift to anyone who benefit.

Full details of my book may be found here:


If you have any general questions, please do join the forums where
many profound discussions are taking place, with many members
sharing their own valuable knowledge and perspectives.

We have seen recently for example where even a seemingly innocuous
topic such as drinking milk, has become a profound and valuable
discussion in its own right:


I very much look forward to seeing you there, as I am sure do all
current members.

In this weeks newsletter:

1. Choosing your health this Winter

2. Taking responsibility for our own "beliefs"

3. Global financial "crisis" - a follow up

Choosing your Health this Winter

In the northern hemisphere at this time of the year, and
particularly in the north, as the cooler, wetter weather sets in,
people begin to associate this time of the year with the beginning
of the "cold" or "flu" season, which is believed to last throughout
the Winter and into the Spring.

Any illness is unpleasant, and no one really, at a conscious level,
would choose to be ill, but yet millions nevertheless ask for it -
literally - in many ways, particularly at this time of the year.

The Subconscious expectation of the possibility of "catching a
cold" or "flu" will guarantee that sooner or later you will.

Taking extra "vitamins" or other "remedies" to "boost your immune
system" will ensure that, sooner or later, you will experience
one of the very ailments you fear or are hoping to avoid, simply
because every time you take a "pill" or any "remedy", you
acknowledge the ailment exists and the reality you can "catch" it.

If you see someone around you coughing or sneezing, or complaining
of feeling unwell, and you think to yourself "I hope I don't catch
that cold" or "flu", you have really asked your Subconscious Mind to
ensure that you do, because the Subconscious Mind does not
recognise negative words such as "don't", it only recognises the
emphasised words "cold" or "flu", and the same for any disease.

I have three sons who, over the years have brought home from school
numerous different "bugs" and yet I almost never "catch" them.


Simply because I know, at both a conscious and Subconscious Level,
only perfect health. If I am near someone who is ill, I affirm that
perfect health in the certain knowledge that it will be my reality.

If I do feel a cold or "flu" "coming on", I immediately deny it and,
realising the perfection of Universal Life Energy, Source, God,
flowing through me, knowing, beyond doubt, as the same aspect of
Perfection that we all share, that I am in perfect health, and
Perfection cannot become ill which is to accept the imperfect.

None of us came here to the physical vibration to become ill or
experience ill health. Our natural state is Perfect health.

We always, without exception, have a choice, of our own freewill, as
we do in all things, as to what we accept,and perfect health is one
of them along with Abundance.

If you had a choice of choosing between perfect health or frequent
illness, you would always choose perfect health.

You do have that choice, the choice is yours, so start to exercise
that choice in this moment of perfect health, know with perfect
Faith that it is true, and so shall it be.

Taking responsibility for our own "beliefs"

This week saw the culmination of a series of events which, although
in many ways very "unfortunate", contain within them a mirror of
all humanity and many lessons from which we can all learn.

I am sure that many of you will be aware of a person by the name of
"Blossom Goodchild", who, for the last few weeks, through her
"channelling", the transcript of which has been posted on her
website, has been announcing to the world the impending arrival of
a very large "mother ship" of the "Ashtar Command" of the
"Federation of Light" - also known as the "Galactic Federation of

This mother ship, which was to be several miles in length, she
tells us, was to arrive on October 14 and remain for three days,
thus proving once and for all the truth that we are not alone in
this vast and infinite Universe. The primary purpose of this "first
contact" was to project Love and Hope throughout the planet, which
of course is a truly Wonderful thing, and which humanity realy
needs at this juncture.

First I must add that I was asked by several people why I had not
reported on this impending "event" in a previous newsletter.

Well the reason is, as I have said many times before, I do not
regard channelling, any channelling, by anyone, of any purported
entity, to be in any way evidential of truth and reality.

Many, if not most channelled messages contain valuable messages and
are uplifting, and therefore the origin of such messages is, to a
large extent irrelevant.

Briefly I say this is for the following three reasons:

1. Due to the very nature of channelling, it is difficult to
separate imagination and deeply rooted desires originating in the
Subconscious Mind, from reality.

2. Of thosewho actually are channelling independant entities, the
channelled information is filtered first through the Subconscious
and then Conscious Mind of the channeller, and is accordingly prone
to considerable distortion based upon the hopes, desires, intent and
other emotions of the channeller, all of which can overwhelm the
central communication. In this case the process would not be as
much channelling as Telepathy, although they are closely related.

3. And most importantly - it is virtually impossible to know for
sure whether the invisible communicators are who they claim to be,
and in many, if not most cases, they are in fact not who they seem.

The lower the vibration of the Being, the easier it is to channel
through humans, and consequently contact is often from lower Astral
entities that have their own agenda. In our physical form we
consciously exist in the very lowest vibration of all, the
vibration that has differentiated, in to matter, or "frozen light".

These entities, who are closest to this vibration, will know the
thoughts of the channeller, and will claim to be whoever the
channeller most wishes them to be, in order to gain the confidence
of the channeller. Often these entities have dark intentions, which
can, and does, lead to possession. This is especially true of the
Ouija board for example which is a very dangerous "toy" indeed, and
should not be used. In particular the Ouija board should be kept
away from children.

Anyway, back to Blossom Goodchild.

Blossom published on her website and blog extensive communications
from the "Federation of Light" relating to their momentous arrival
on October 14 through the "de-cloaking" of their mother ship.

This caused great excitement among probably millions of people who
were adding their views on YouTube, forums, blogs, and just about
everywhere else.

This was fuelled by anomalies on Google Earth, which I verified for
myself, which led people to believe that a "Federation of Light"
mother ship of 2000 miles in length, was sitting over the Arctic
Ocean in a cloaked form in readiness to de-cloak on October 14 for
this great event.

The speed at which these things propagated around the world was most
impressive and significant.

Over the days before October 14 it was incredible and heartening to
see the vast numbers of people who really, with all their heart,
wanted this event to take place, believing it to be profoundly
positive for the World. So many people hoping for so much change.

There were a few sceptics of course, but mostly the vibration was
very high, and of excitement, expectation and Love.

There is absolutely no question in my Mind that Blossom Goodchild
was 100% sincere, and she was only motivated by Service and Love.

She approached this situation with great humility and sincerity,
and even self-doubt, not being sure herself that it was real.

She is also a well known actor who is well known in her
neighbourhood and town where she lives in Australia.

So she had everything to lose and little material to gain.

But she stuck to the date, kept everyone informed, and never showed
any signs whatsoever of having an ulterior motive - and believe me,
I can spot people with an ulterior motive instantly. I can feel the

Suffice it to say the event did not take place on October 14.

This sadly brought out the very worst of humanity, with many people
posting on YouTube, forums, blogs and by sending Blossom email, of
what can only be described as sheer hate and intentional mental
abuse directed at Blossom, simply because this event did not take

I should point out that Blossom stated that she also received a
great many messages of Love and support.

Notwithstanding this, on October 16, Blossom actually posted on to
YouTube a video, which was very emotional and moving, taking full
responsibility for what had happened.

This was one of the most courageous things I have seen in a long
time. The sheer courage and strength it must have taken to post
this video, in the face of all the backlash, when she must have
been feeling absolutely awful, was nothing short of phenomenal.

Please watch this video on YouTube:


This is one of the greatest demonstrations of humility, Love, and
taking responsibility for own actions I have ever seen.

There is no doubt in my Mind that, whatever can be said about
channelling, Blossom is a great Soul with the purest of intentions,
and has learned some valuable lessons and experiences in a very hard
and public way - in front of millions of people.

Also read as many of the comments as possible by clicking the "View
Comments" link.

The backlash is, in and of itself, a very good snapshot of the
current polarity of the human race between the extremes of
Unconditional Love, and abject hate.

It is this polarity that the great transition will transmute, so
we, as the human race, can move on as more perfect, more loving,
more harmonious members of the Universal family and expressions of
the Divine, of First Cause, of God.

Above all it teaches us an extremely valuable lesson indeed - taking
responsibility for our own beliefs.

Everyone, believing that this massive UFO would arrive, had a
choice out of freewill - whether to believe it or not to believe it.

Thousands of people chose to believe it, and why not - Blossom was
and is sincere, and the channellings appeared to be very compelling.

However - when this event did not take place these same people
should have taken absolute responsibility for their own beliefs.

Alas, however, as mentioned before instead, many of these people
turned on Blossom in a very big way, sending her hate mail, posting
hate videos on YouTube, as well as numerous hate comments on her
YouTube video page, and elsewhere, and generally putting her down
wherever possible with the intention of making her feel worse than
she does already.

This brings to the surface a very ugly trait that is entrenched
within the psyche of humanity, and one that will no longer exist
here on Earth after the great transition is complete, and all who
are ready, will have entered the Golden Age of Love, Light and
Service to others before service to self.

The low vibrations at the hate end of the spectrum will not find it
possible to exist in the very high vibrations that are coming.

The lesson that everyone can learn from this event, which did not
happen by chance, nothing in this great Universe, in any sphere of
Life and Reality ever does, is that of taking full responsibility
for our own beliefs at all times, regardless of how they eventually

Did any positives arise out of this situation?

Absolutely they did.

I have never seen such a global display before like this of Love,
Hope and Oneness encompassing all nations, beliefs and cultures.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people anticipated this
event, not just because of the spectacle of seeing a huge UFO, but
because of the Love, Hope and Reality it would bring, enabling
humanity to turn more towards the Light.

So I say to Blossom Goodchild - please do not be sad or blame
yourself. You were simply the willing expression. out of service
and Love, to teach the world some very valuable lessons, and I for
one salute and thank you for with Unconditional Love.

It does mot matter that this mother ship did not show - many
valuable lessons have been learned by many people, who will never
be the same again as a result. And to that extent this entire
sitiation was more than worth it, and Blossom Goodchild should, and
is entitled to feel the joy accordingly.

May The Divine Bless you Blossom Goodchild.

Global Financial Crisis - Follow up

Well I said it has been a momentous week and so it proved to be.

Last week I wrote for you a long newsletter on the global financial
"crisis", how it came about, and of its implications for humanity.

I would first of all like to say two things.

1. I was probably wrong in writing in so much detail about the
background of this situation. I made a mistake in so doing.

My reasons as I wrote your newsletter where these.

It is easy to make statements about how serious this situation is,
without supporting those statements with fact. This is why I
provided you with the basic facts. Suffice it to say the situation
as a whole runs very much deeper than I wrote about - my newsletter
was originaly intended to provide background information.

I realised later however that I have unintentionally focused many
people on what is an extremely negative and dark issue, and that
was certainly a big mistake on my part, for which I should have
known better.

By providing that focus, I not only took away hope that was
previously there for many in this overall situation, but also
whatever we focus on we give Energy to, thereby potentially feeding
the very dark forces I was informing you about in the first place.

Indeed some people said words to the effect:

"What can we tell our children?" "What hope is there?"

These are truly excellent questions for which I am completely
accountable, and which I will address later in this section.

But first:

2. Even as I was writing your newsletter last Sunday, my own bank,
where, what money I have was saved, was as good as going bankrupt
due to the world financial crisis. I knew this was happening and I
could easily have lost everything even as I was typing, but your
newsletter was more important to me than something that was out of
my control.

I placed absolute, perfect Faith in Divine Providence, and I am
happy to say that on Monday the UK government announced that it was
placing $40 billion into the bank to keep it afloat, in return for
a majority shareholding. So the bank is safe and so are my savings
that I need to raise my three son's as a single parent for the last
14 years. And I am grateful to Divine Providence for that blessing.

So what of my newsletter of last week?

Well I would like to put everything into perspective - if indeed
that is even possible.

The great third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson,
even in the 1700's had this to say:

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our
liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a
moneyed aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The
issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the
people, to whom it properly belongs." -- Thomas Jefferson

Here we are, over 200 years later, with these powerful words
becoming a reality.

Now the conundrum I faced last week in writing my newsletter, was
how to put the so called financial "crisis" in to perspective, while
justifying it, rather than simply stating the obvious - the World is
in a huge mess.

To do that I felt it necessary to reveal at least the basic sordid
historic factors about how this situation arose, in order to
provide at least some level of unbiased understanding where none
had been available before for most.

I was in fact seriously considering not writing about this subject
at all, specifically to avoid the focusing on the role of the
forces of darkness, but eventually concluded that the implications
of taking the easy way out and not doing so were serious enough to
justify it. I concluded this because it is better to be concerned
in possession of the facts, than be worried while not know what is
happening and why, or the extent and global implications.

And - as I mentioned before - these events are an important aspect
of the great and ongoing transition, where the excesses of the dark
side of humanity must be processed out of the system, that the
forces of Light may illuminate planet Earth to take us forward to
the next age and evolution of humanity - a humanity without the
encumbrance of the dark side.

I believe my mistake was to go too deeply in to this issue, thereby
raising fears and worry that may not have existed before.

Writing about this subject is a very fine line to walk between
providing too little information and leaving questions unanswered,
and too much information as I did.

Many people have asked for proof, which of course is fine.

I would first like to mention an extremely courageous, brilliant and
compassionate politician in the USA, for whom I have huge respect -
Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, member of the House of Representatives
for the Texas 14th District.

Ron Paul is not part of the establishment per se, but is fully
aware of everything I wrote about last week, especially regarding
the Federal Reserve Bank, about which much more is best left unsaid.

Ron Paul has been very actively campaigning to abolish the Federal
Reserve Bank for a long time now, and to that end has recently
introduced the "Federal Reserve Abolition Act - H.R. 2755".

To find out more about Ron Paul and his immensely courageous service
to the American people, I suggest you visit his site, Campaign for


Some of you were also shocked by my position, that in the USA
income tax is unconstitutional and therefore not payable.

Here is a YouTube video featuring a former IRS Special Agent and
Ron Paul. This video speaks for itself, and is absolutely true.


So what then should you people in the USA tell your children?

In fact what should we parents of the World tell our children?

Well my view is that we have incarnated here in this time-line, in
full knowledge of what experiences we will be facing as one age of
humanity draws to a close, and the next age of humanity arrives.

In one lifetime we are experiencing the very lowest depths of
humanity and also the highest heights - and it is a major
rollercoaster ride that we are sharing as One.

The fact is this:

We are carrying these burdens so our children do not have to. We
should therefore accept this challenge as a blessing, and a great
gift of Unconditional Love for our children and for all humanity.

We all wish for the next generations to be free of the tyranny of a
small minority of this and previous generations, to make the world a
better place, replacing the dark forces with the only true force
and highest vibration - Universal Unconditional Love.

In the words of the well known Star Wars movie - A New Hope.

So we must continue to Unconditionally Love our children, and all
humanity - even the dark forces - and this includes carrying the
burdens of our generation that our children do not have to.

To put it another way - we are processing the karma of previous and
current generations to cleanse the World of low vibrational, dark

This is directly analogous to the person known as Jesus, bearing the
effects of the "sins" of mankind, that mankind shall be freed and
able to make a new start. This indeed is a true meaning of the
metaphor of a person sacrificing themselves out of Unconditional
Love for all humanity.

We must also accept the fact that we are not separate from these
current issues - Light or dark - we are rather part of them whether
we like it or not. There is no duality, no separation, only One, so
the forces of darkness are part of us.

We have the power to transmute these dark forces to Light, and this
is the solution to the mystery of the "Philosophers Stone" and of

Base metals such as Lead represent the heaviness of the forces of
the dark side of humanity, which is transmuted to Gold representing
the Light side of humanity.

How? Well we must first accept the following truths:

1. Everything and everyone on Earth, and the Universe are One. The
forces of darkness are are part of us - that part of us that
manifests as the Federal Reserve Bank and the dynasties behind it.

Again there is no duality.

2. This entire global financial crisis might not have been possible
at all if it were not for one major factor - credit. This is why
the situation is being called a "credit crunch".

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have, or have you ever had a mortgage?

Have you ever had a credit card - or even lots of credit cards?

Have you ever purchased a car, or appliance, or furniture, or other
products on credit?

Have you ever taken out a bank loan?

Have you ever enjoyed the benefit of a bank overdraft?

Have you ever invested in stocks and shares? If so have you ever
traded on margin?

If you answer yes to any, some, or all of these questions, then you
are part of the problem and must accept that before you can free

I have been part of the problem myself, and fully admit to it.

Without the above fuelling the greed of the banks, and allowing
the Federal Reserve Bank to exist to print money at will to feed
the insatiable human appetite for greed, profit and wealth, then the
world would not be in this mess.

Of course this is only part of the issue. Inter-bank lending, the
sub-prime mortgage debacle - which was engineered by the dark
forces - and financial instruments known as CDO's - which I
discussed last week - as well as other leveraged instruments such
as futures and options, have all contributed to this situation, and
above all allowed the forces behind the Federal Reserve Bank and
other "institutions" to abuse its power, which should never have
been given in the first place.

If our children do ask, and if we are to be honest, we would tell
them that we, as parents, are all part of the state the world is in
today, but knowing this we will do our very best to make it right
for them.

Without human appetite for credit, materialism and vanity, the
forces of darkness could not exist - at least in the form they do

We should never apologise. To apologise implies error and
imperfection. Source, God, of Whom we are part is Perfect, and
Perfection can never make mistakes.

There is no error, good, bad, right or wrong - only experience.

As in the Blossom Goodchild situation - we must always be ready to
accept responsibility for our part of a situation, and of the
whole, and the thereby workings of the immutable Universal
Principle of Cause and Effect.

Let me then put this overall global situation into context for you.

At the same time let me show that this is not just a problem in the
USA - it is absolutely global and none of us are apart from it.

The total amount of all financial derivatives in circulation,
including futures, options and other leveraged financial
instruments, including trillions of dollars of now worthless junk
CDO's - totals nearly one quadrillion dollars - 16 times the global
annual GWP - Gross World Product.

Virtually none of these dollars actually exists, even though they
are now in the global financial system which is collapsing because
the dollars are not supported by Gold or any other tangible

Most of the dollars that do exist have, in any case, been printed
by the Federal Reserve Bank out of thin air, with no value basis.

I mentioned last week that this was a strategy of the Federal
Reserve Bank to directly or indirectly take control of USA banks
and other financial institutions, and eventually companies,
governments and finally the World.

It may be the US government that is "bailing out" the US banks, but
the money to do so is being printed by the Federal Reserve who have
a charge over the US Government for the "loans" which must be
repaid sometime. If the Fed called in the det, the World would be
bankrupt in that moment, relying on the Fed to dictate what happens

This last week the dark forces behind the Federal Reserve Bank,
having successfully bankrupted, on paper at least, almost every
bank in the world, have offered to "loan" banks in every major
country an unlimited amount of dollars, which it will print,
thereby adding to the reservoir of non-existent real dollars in the
global financial system, all part of a planned strategy to gain
more power over the entire financial system.

While all this is happening, US banks are still borrowing $420
billion per day from the Federal Reserve Bank - which is printing
it out of thin air, or rather keying it in to a computer network -
still does not exist in a tangible form either way - more than half
as much as the $700 billion "bail out" which is being printed by
the Federal Reserve Bank.

All the time the US government and world banks are paying real
interest on this pretend money.

To make this an even more ludicrous situation, the US government is
also said to be borrowing $2 billion dollars per day from China,
just to keep the lights on, thereby giving China a massive hold
over the USA.

But wait - where did those 2 billion dollars per day that China is
loaning the US government come from - yes, you guessed it, it was
printed by the Federal Reserve Bank before making its way to China
to pay for the vast array of goods that are being imported in to
the USA from China.

I am sure by now that you are appreciating the insanity of the

But again, we must accept the fact that we are all part of the
problem. It is almost impossible not to be part of the problem from
a tangible perspective, not to mention a Spiritual perspective.

We must also all understand that this is not an issue affecting
only the USA - it affects every country and every person in the
entire World in equal mesure - we are all in it together.

While the Federal Reserve Bank is behind this - without the "Fed"
this would not have happened - the Fed is mostly owned and
controlled by families, dynasties and dark forces in Europe.

Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?

The ownership is very convoluted, but it seems the ultimate owners
at the top of the tree are the Rothschild family and the Bank of
England, and ultimately the forces behind them which are based in

Two presidents in the past have taken on private, national banking
at different times - Abraham Lincoln and J F Kennedy - both were

Finally though this situation all comes down to one truth:

A complete dependence of the World on "money", instead of the true
source of all Abundance - which is within, unlimited and infinite.

People long ago turned their back on Source, Divine Providence,
God, of Whom we are a part, instead to worship rectangular pieces
of paper, metal, and electronic bits and bytes stored on a network
of computers, all controlled by the forces of darkness for their
own global ambitions - which everyone has empowered them with by
being part of the system, and therefore of the problem.

The global financial system is a God in the form of a deity, with
the financial instituations the chuch, and billions of people the
congregation worshipping small sheets of paper which they call

Always keep in Mind that the dark forces work to one tried and
tested strategy:

Problem - Reaction - Solution.

Take 9/11. The "problem" was that the forces of darkness waned more
control over people, and of oil supplies and the currency it is
purchased in - US dollars.

The "reaction" was to make everyone feel insecure through the 9/11
false flag event.

The "solution" - The "Homeland Security Act" and invasion of Iraq.

The "war" in Iraq is extremely costly, so this also gives the "Fed"
the opportunity to print a few more trillion worthless dollars to
pump in to the global financial system.

So let us make it clear now that neither the "Islamic army" or "Al
Qaeda" really exist - they are simply instruments of fear and
therefore control in the form of the "Homeland Security Act" in the
USA and other anti-terrorist schemes around the World.

When the global financial system finally collapses, people will
once again focus within, and re-discover the true Source of All that
Is, which is Infinite, Loving, and does not discriminate against or
favour anyone - all are Equal before Source, First Cause, God.

Let us then all celebrate these times as the end of an age of
darkness and the dawning of the Light, and of the sacrifices that
we have all willingly made for our children, and their children for
generations to come, that they may enjoy, what most in the past
have turned their back on but once again will soon be reunited with
- The Light.

Until next newsletter enjoy a wonderful, healthy and abundant week.

In Love, Light and Truth,


Additional resources:


11 Cronk Drean, Douglas, IM

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Default Re: Current Fears - Who is To Blame ?

We are all responsible for the Fears in OUR REALITY.
Fear will interfere with our connections to our earths vibrations and will not allow us to pass smoothly into the next transition of self.
Fear must be overcome with LOVE.

Fear is their Tool and LOVE is ours.

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Default Re: Current Fears - Who is To Blame ?

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Hi All - Here is the current newsletter from Adrian Cooper - Isle of Man UK

I posted last weeks message about the current situation and it had a very positive responce. This week however - it seems that the administrator did not like the Title : it mentioned a certain persons name - so was pulled off the main Avalon forum. I have asked the question why - twice with no responce, as yet - 15 hours ?

I feel the overall content is just too important to be put on a backburner - at this time - We do all need something uplifting - from what I read in many of the postings. If I am to be shot down in flames - well - so be it !
yeah, same thing happened to me.
I've read your thread this morning before it got lost in the mist...

I liked the comment regarding Blossom Goodchild.

It gives a perspective that could help many people that were desperate to see their Space Brothers coming to rescue them...

Glad you put it back here.

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