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Flying Pyramid
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Default Jason Scholars & The Tri-lateral Commission?

My Name is Flying Pyramid.
I'm not safe with stepping off the grid, and my Pys-numb feid is still around me but i thought this was a valid and important question.
Has anyone ever heard of the Jason Scholars & The Tri-lateral Commission?

The truth once you start to see it is so much more heinous than what you are presented with. Duncan O'finion touched slightly on the subject.
People like him are the bottom of the ladder compared to the true machine flesh. Duncan and others are expendable, trained only to kill and follow orders and if there caught, suicide by physic overload, all the terror and pain they experienced through out their training would come rushing back like a landslide and overload their brains.

I'm sorry to say this or "force" people to add this darkness to the mix but you must be prepared to say the beasts name.

Angels and demons are real. Whether you believe it or not they have a part to play as well. I've been told that angels and demons were actually angles & dimensions. (angels as in a right angle 90 degree angle.)
I believed this for a long time until my memories started coming back. I can almost say that as the world gets closer to being self lucid the more my purpose becomes more clear. Think about the a race known as The Gore.
They have reddish skin, severely yellow bloodshot eyes and horns coming out the top of their head. As i'm shown, they are a race cultured in torture.
Any being especially physic no matter what race, if they were tortured they were most likely tortured by a Gore.
One report on the subject by a scientist who worked at a U.S. facility some 20 years ago said that the Gore stayed primarily below in the lower decks so they didn't frighten anyone. Think about it, your a person aiding torture techniques and baby genetic splicing and time travel rebirths, just all kinds of nasty S**T and you maybe dealing with the whole "am i going to hell, am i evil" thing and on top of that you have what appear, to you, to be demons walking around. It's too much for the people working in these facilities to see or work side by side these creatures. So the story i was told and read was that two scientists, the one telling this story and another were standing discussing the days agenda when these almost hanger type doors open to the lower levels and these two Gore come walking up. The other scientist died instantly from a heart attack from fear. So there you are and two doors open and there is steam and heat and what look like two demons come walking straight out of hell.

I am sorry to the forces of light but i am what i am and i feel the need to tell the whole truth not just "what they can take".
And besides why would i have this knowledge if i'm not supposed to do anything with it? I never researched anything until it started happening to me. I never read about ufo's or physic abilities or our true past and what place we truly hold in all universes.
Ask commander Adama or some of the others if i lie about it.
Whatever has been done to me or what i'm being prepared for is bringing my true self to light. And these people are my family, my only purpose for living is to help them ascend. When i am fully awake and aware of who i really am i will crush the light eaters into oblivion, and the dark shall never have me, for my choice has been made, I CHOOSE THEM! LOVE LIGHT And the dynamic human spirit which REFUSES to submit!
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Default Re: Jason Scholars & The Tri-lateral Commission?

yay for the light side!

dark < light

now, do these 'gore's look like rancors? can you tell me more about the gores and their place in our history?
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Default Re: Jason Scholars & The Tri-lateral Commission?

I agree with you totally! The demons / extra diementional beings are farming us like animals for sure. They are feeding off our negative energy and fooling us into beleiving that we are changing this world for OURSELVES. Wake up people! We are not out of the woods yet. I an begining to have serious concerns about the information on camelot! Although their intention is good i feel the agenda has infiltrated their purpose into fooling people that everything is gonna be ok after we ASSEND to 4D... ********! These entities are laughing at us right now! How could we be so foolish? On a positive note good luck everybody. And i also suggest that you read gregors 'cracking the code' thread if you want to really understand. Respect marko rodin!
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Flying Pyramid
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Default Re: Jason Scholars & The Tri-lateral Commission?

No, do not discredit anyone. David Wilcock i believe is very important to the war that is coming. All the physcics are.
Remember that David is stating basically the same thing they are all saying. This is true. I am simply stating to add all the pieces of the puzzle.

Why aren't any of the physcics speaking of this darkside of ascencion?
Because they can not. There are rules on all levels. If you yourself have these abilities then ask yourself, "do you want to be responcable for unleashing the darkside of reality on the world?".
People have to get over et's, ufos, thier own gov plotting against them, ascencion, the fact that their greatest hero/saint/spiritual leader JESUS was used against them to entrap them in the world around them.
And on top of that they have to come face to face with the fact of heaven and hell, angels and demons, good and evil, pepsi & coke, etc.
Are you starting to see the bigger picture?
It is a battle of words. It is a battle for souls, for power. Money is nothing to the darkside. Do you really think the illuminati give two s**ts about money? Hell no. They only care about what you are willing to give away to obtain more money. That is the trick. Look far beyond what you know. Stop adding neww info on top of disinformation.
You must destroy the buliding and start from scratch. Rebuild the foundation of truth.

Yes i feel dark sometimes for being intense about the subject but to not know the whole truth is to know a lie.
How can one possable make a sound clearheaded desicion on the fate of thier souls if they don't know the whole truth?
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