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Default Calling all Eyes and Ears

Ok so somethings up on the 7th of Oct. Many agree on this. So lets see if if we can get folks to go out and take a look around an report back. If you are near Ntional Guard armories or installations or army installations please go observe and see if anything is out of place. We can all keep out eyes open for convoys, manuvers, etc. If you see anything at all that doesnt seem right please report it here. I am especially interested in port cities Myself and would love if someone close to pendleton in CAlifornia could down where all the training has been going on at the beach and see whats going on thier it would be great. . So think to your self wherever you live and where you could drive by or scout to see what activity you may find. I think you get the idea. Maybe keep your video cams with and get video. IF there is an attack tuesday of any kind, and I dont think it will be a physical one but monetary then there will be activity. Please lets not turn this thread into a debate as to whats coming just a place to report stuff, OK. God's Richest Blessings~~
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