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Default SITREP RED ALERT: Food In General

eFood SITREP logo
Today's News

World markets tumble after Wall Street turmoil
Associated Press - Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Traders at work in Makati's financial district, Manila, Philippines.

PARIS - World stock markets swooned again Tuesday as the global financial crisis caused investors to worry that asset prices have yet to hit rock bottom.

Financial stocks across Europe took a pounding for the second day running as the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers and credit downgrades of American International Group Inc., the world’s largest insurer, stoked investor fears of wider financial and economic damage.

Earlier, Asian stock markets plummeted, playing catch-up with other markets around the world after a holiday Monday kept Tokyo and Hong Kong bourses closed on the day Wall Street's landscape was dramatically changed.

"Today was a bloodbath," said Alex Tang, head of research at Core Pacific-Yamaichi, who noted that Hong Kong trading volume was its highest in months. "This was panic selling ... They are dumping shares, they just want to liquidate their positions."

eFoodsDirect Commentary:
Steve Shenk photo

This is Steve Shenk, JMS efoodsdirect.com.

With the world's financial infrastructure coming down around our ears, if you aren't scared, you're not paying attention. And yet, most people seem more concerned with popular culture, video games or their favorite professional sports team. It can't even be blamed on the mainstream media this time. They're publishing the ongoing, historical collapse albeit with a more positive spin than a children's bedtime story.

Even stodgy Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve Board, thinks we're heading into a "once-in-a-century" financial crisis. That 's another way of saying that the Great Depression of the 1930's was just a warm up, a glimpse of what's coming our way at lightning speed.

Today most people are sleepwalking into this nightmare. Regardless of the progressively catastrophic headlines, the average American refuses to connect the dots. It's called cognitive dissidence. When presented with overwhelming evidence that contradicts a basic belief, most people will reject the evidence if it deviates more than 5% from their rose-colored-glasses fantasy world view.

For those who have put two and two together, it's actually surreal to watch those around us who are unwilling to see the obvious connection between the domino-like failure of the world's largest financial institutions and our own dinner tables.

If the average American understood the cliff-edge precariousness of our food supply chain there wouldn't be a green lawn in America. The "Victory Gardens" of past hard-times would already be part of our landscape, our country would be far more secure and the people would be healthier and less dependent.

Unfortunately, even if a majority of the people were already aware, with winter coming it's too late to plant crops this year. If every lawn in the country could be rototilled and prepared today, it would still be at least nine months before the first crops could be harvested.

Many will read these words and think; "Yeah, of course Steve Shenk says 'the sky is falling'. He just wants to use people's fear to sell food."

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Think about it. With food prices skyrocketing and world-wide stockpiles vanishing, every morsel of available food is going to be devoured. If it were about greed and money, then I would order the warehouse to hold back food for a few months while prices, double, triple and quadruple. In fact, that's exactly what I'd be doing, just like all the ruthless food speculators who are driving food prices into the stratosphere and setting America up to crash and burn.

I learned, long ago, that it's not enough to prepare oneself against the coming Tsunami. If our nation is swept away in economic chaos, I too will be unable to stand my ground and protect my family. We are going to need each other more in the near future than we have in decades.

My life, and the lives of those I love, depend on you, your cousin Fred, your aunt Vera and every other freedom-loving American. Together we can weather this terrible storm. "We must all hang together, gentlemen," said Benjamin Franklin at the signing of America's Declaration of Independence; "else, we shall most assuredly hang separately".

If you have already begun preparations, please do all you can to get your friends and loved ones started before it's too late!

Note from Steve: For years people who bought bulk food were thinking about preparing for an uncertain future. Today, is that future. Those who understand what's happening are accumulating every bit of bulk food they can get because, for many, food is already unaffordable and there will soon be no food available, at any price.

SITREP - September 17, 2008

RED ALERT: The RED Level Alert is for food in general. Get all you can, as fast as you can!

Action: Go to eFoodsDirect.com and read the current news articles until you have convinced yourself that you must act immediately.

Tell everyone you care about to sign-up for this SITREP (Situation Report) so that they too can stay a step ahead of the rapidly deteriorating situation.

visit: eFoodsDirect.com - or call: 1-800-409-5633
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Default Re: SITREP RED ALERT: Food In General

Good Post Baggy;
View back to 1963, a Tuesday if I recall ( and remote view) correctly, some kind of Cuban thing, anyway, the Grocery stores in the US emptied out all stock, even canned goods in 48 hours, there was nothing left, Cockroaches were complaining LOL, if that happens on Sunday, what will you do on Wednesday.
This post is not to promote fear, it is to promote strength by having all my PA Homies having a wholesome stock of provisions for all eventualities.
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Default Re: SITREP RED ALERT: Food In General

It's just plain smart to be prepared. Have at least 3 months of food and water inside your home where no one else will see it, and don't tell ANYONE you have it. Canned food lasts for decades, the experation date is a lie so you will throw it away and buy more. Just spray the metal with Pam so it won't rust.
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Default Canned Garden Seeds

If your neighbor isn't prepared, you aren't prepared

Just do it. Do it now. Worry about why later

Canned Garden Seeds

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