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Default Beyond the Cutting Edge =::< A MUST SEE


I'm researched the topic of the Big Picture abot some time and I found a Great video from David Icke about it named like this Thread.

You can found it in his web page (or torrents/google video etc. but don't tell anybody! )

He talks about the:

human Real Nature (holographic universe and spiritual nature),

The Top of the pyramid (intradimentionals idiots) and how it acts throught the

diferents organizations -joined at the top of course- (Bloodlines, Jesuits, Illuminati, Knights of malta and templars, banksters, religions, black suited man, etc. etc. etc.), about

what they uses to Try to disminish us, frigtening people with police with tasers, tv, vaccines, chemtrails, global warming swindle and carbon tax, aspartame, fluoride, etc. etc.

And much much more who coincides with my personal research.

All with a really great sense of humor! big time.

The most compeling Big Picture I ever seen, really a Must see.

Highly recomended.


D: The only thing I desagree is the non hitorical existence of Jehoshua ha'messaiah. Because the Church of Rome hijacked his figure to make him the representation of the babylon solar child Tamuz.

From several great sources he Existed and was a Great teacher who show us the loving nature of the Father (indeed there are phisical prooves of his existence).

Look at, example Caballo de Troya (not in english but in many, many lenguajes) from J J Benítez.
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Default Re: Beyond the Cutting Edge =::< A MUST SEE

Just spent today watching most of this...

It connects a lot of dots for me...

This is part one of three...

and this has the 7 hours divided into 6 parts...

A superb set of videos.

Whether people within the matrix (not people here) can be bothered to spend 7 hours making themselves more aware is another matter...
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