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Default We the People need our own Bailout Plan!

Normally we would rely on our representatives to develop this plan but since they have a poor track record lately and are pretty much like a deer in the headlights at the moment, the people really need to make their voice heard. I propose that all you smart folks out there on the net get your heads together pronto and develop an open source petition that can be referred to while speaking to your representatives. At this point they are trying to pressure Congress into rubber stamping their coronation and it would be better to let the system collapse then give them what little we have left and then see it collapse. Yes, this is an enormous crime unfolding but unless someone can come up with some alternatives to what has been presented thus far the voice of reason will never be heard. And it has to be fast...

In order to start the dialog I'll throw out a few ideas;

The Dollar can be saved if we find something to back it with and the world knows the US is moving towards that goal. What if we take the money the rich guys want for bailing out there buddies and invest into starting a new renewable energy mega industry in the US? For example, interest free loans to promote micro grid production businesses who sell excess energy for a profit. Once the US had a surplus we could export to Canada and Mexico and receive payment in the form of commodities and precious metals. These payments could be placed in a basket as the basis of the new 'Electro-Dollar'. This will spur a new race for innovation and create massive amounts of jobs. Of course we'll have complete energy independence and we can use our new position as world leaders in clean energy production at the local level to bring a new brand of American Independence to the world. I believe that if a radical plan in a positive direction for the whole of humanity were announced tomorrow it would create as much of a rally as the so called bail out plan at least. The difference is that the 'Green' rally would be truly sustainable. Hey, if it's all going down the tubes why not keep the radical plans in the favor of the people? If this were to work we would have a model for a new level of personal liberty based on a decentralized system of resource control.

Now, if you think this sounds crazy the point is to think about all the other things that could be done with that much money besides enrich the thieves who stole the supposed losses from us in the first place.

Ideas? Comments?
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