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Default Financial sleight of hand

The news constantly talks about the Dow and the stock market. We've been conditioned to believe that this is THE indicator of the financial health of our country. Wherever you look for financial info they talk about stocks stocks stocks as though high stock prices are good for everyone - even those of us who don't own them.

Fortunately for the Wall St billionaires, stock prices are rigged. There is the plunge protection team and the Federal Reserve who will step in and use our money any time they see fit to buy stocks and make the indexes rise.

Bill and Betty baby-boomer get warm fuzzy feelings whenever the stock market goes up and become worried whenever it slides - even if they aren't investing. What a powerful position to be in - literally controlling the mood of the masses.

What they don't tell you is that this meltdown really won't have anything to do with stock prices. Sure, when it comes stock prices will be affected, but it will be a symptom of the disease rather than the sickness itself.

This is a graph I saw from another post. I sent it to all my friends. For anyone who understands, printing money willy-nilly is the disease. For the few of you who don't know, the national debt increases or decreases as money is put into or taken out of circulation.

Financial systems based on fiat money all eventually collapse. As the collapse comes closer, more and more money has to be put into circulation to keep the scheme going. The need to pour money into the system increases exponentially until it can no longer be sustained. The - poof. Total, irrevocable collapse.

So while these guys manipulate the Dow and the S&P, making it appear to the casual observer that all is well, the US (and potentially) world economy is collapsing. Don't fool yourself into thinking these Wall St guys are stupid. They know exactly what they're doing and they know it's criminal.

We've entered into the last, final cash grab before the bust. Unfortunately you and I don't get to grab any of that green.

These guys have feathered their nests to such a high degree that they'll not only be able to ride out the collapse in style, they'll be able to buy up entire industries later (similar to the Russian oligarchs) and tighten their grip further on the American people.

What a scam. All day everyday making the average American feel good about the economy while robbing them blind.
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