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Default Basic domestic preparedness survey questions


I am thinking about ways in which I can get people thinking about the basics. I already wrote this, http://projectavalon.net/forum/showp...77&postcount=2, and people have told me it helped them to think.

For my/our next effort I was thinking of compiling a kind of survey so that people can measure how well prepared they are for what I call basic urban inconveniences. (Shortages of Energy/water/food and other supply chain problems).

I was thinking of a list of assertions with point values (weighted so that the important ones like water) stand out.

I started the list, can you please help me finish it. Remember its BASIC, so we are not talking about chainsaws, guns, NBC suits, giger counters, shed loads of MRE's that a more hard-core prepper will have, but basic, easy to do preparations that will smooth the way over a short-term, 2-4 week scenario.

I dont want to see too much focus on the scenarios beyond a measured and detached statements about why something is necessary.

Here goes:


Add up the points (pts). I have tried to set the number of points so that you can see my idea as to the relative importance.

I have a stash ready of drinking water that is sufficient for my family including my pets for 3 days (20pts)

I have my own independent potable water supply or I have a stash ready of water that is fit for drinking, or can easily be made fit for drinking without expending lots of energy sufficient for 14 days or more (60pts)

I have made some adjustments to our domestic security:
+First Aid Kit (1pt),
+Fire extinguisher (1pt)
++bonus: I have fire extinguishers within 10m of any part of my house (5pts),
++I also have a fire blanket for the kitchen(5pts)
+Smoke detectors (5pts)
+Carbon monoxide detector (3pts)
+I have a firesafe containing my vital records (2pts)
+I have backups of my computer (2pts)

I understand basic first aid (2pts)

I have completed basic first-aid training (5pts)

I am an advanced first-aider with real life experience (10pts)

I have a good understanding of wilderness survival medicine (10pts)

I have 3 days food on hand (2pts)

I have 14 days of food on hand (10pts)

I have battery operated lighting and sufficient batteries for 3days (1pt)
+the batteries are rechargeable (2pts)
+the recharger can work on solar power (2pts)

I have cold weather clothing and sleeping gear that will be effective if I loose my heating (10pts)

I either am, or have tested myself at living off the electricity grid and don't care about power cuts (20pts)

I have the means to heat food (camping stove etc) and fuel
+3days (5pts)
+14days (10pts)

I have a water purifier that can remove water-borne pathogens from natural sources (10pts)
(read-up on this, it is a complex subject but essential to know. Viruses are hard to filter).

I have a roll of 50 heavy duty garbage disposal bags with ties (2 pts)

I have a roll of duct tape (2pts)

I have some waterproof tarps/sheeting (5pts)

I have prepared 72hr bug-out-bags for each family member (20pts)

My wife added: toilet paper for 14 days (1000pts) I detect a little bias there!

There are tons more
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Default Re: Basic domestic preparedness survey questions

My total: 1,139. Thanks Anchor, somehow I feel better
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