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Default Re: Oregon

Nikola Romanski is located in St Helens Oregon or at
45° 41'50.36° N
122° 45' 41.46° W
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Default Re: Oregon

Daniel in seaside oregon here for the ground crew!
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Default Re: Oregon

Hello Everyone, this is Kimmie from Florida,

I'm activly working with the Florida Ground Crew, and as a concerned Mom have "stopped in" to check out your forum-hoping that someone would be near my little girl. She is my youngest daughter (22) of four adult children and is currently living with her Dad and Stepmom in Salem area. She's an Artist-supports herself by painting Murals. She flys from Florida to Oregon, staying with us here and her Dad there depending on where she has work to do-so I worry about where she might be when things get crazy.

I was going to just skim the postings on your forum to find someone close to her, and ended up reading them all-and taking notes by the way on some of your suggestions, SO THANK YOU ALL. Your forum seems to be progressing very well-Congrads!

Back to my original reason for posting...
Any young people in the area who might want to get to know her-or anyone of any age willing to stand in the hedgerow for me...I'd really be very thankful.

NEWLY AWAKENED, from those who have posted their locations, it looks like you would be the one closest to her. Have you ever been out on the Williamette Queen Paddlewheeler? They do sunset cruises from Salem to Corvalis-at least they did the last time I was out there to visit. Maybe we could communicate by PM's and set up a meet sometime. I'll spring for tickets for a Sunset Cruise, if your up for it. I'd really like to know she'd have someone in the area to connect with.

Well gang, the suns coming up here in Southwest Florida and I have the startings of a vegi garden to go out and tend to. It's so hot here in the summer that we do our main vegi gardens in th fall and winter. I started planting last week with the "help" of three of my grandsons. The two year old dug right in, the four year old didn't want to get dirty, and the 11yr old and I got alot of laughs watching the little guys.

I'll bet it's beautiful with the fall leaves changing out your way!! I can close my eyes, and be there., hearing the crunch of leaves below my feet, smelling the coolness in the air.....Bye

Much blessings to you all, Kimmie
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Default Re: Pacific Northwest Ground Crew

Looking for people in the Ashland area. I am an electronics neard who specalizes in energy.
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Default Re: Oregon

I was surprised to see activity on this thread, I posted here when Project Avalon started and since then the PNW thread started by Wormhole really took off and that is the one I would check on. Apparently some of those posts were moved, maybe because this was the first Oregon thread? Hmmm......
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Default Re: Oregon

Hello, I am in Northern California near the Oregon border, between Ashland and Mt. Shasta, so any SO people please get in touch!
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Default Re: Oregon

OK, Breath, again, good. I am sorry to awaken you, but it is time. Everything looks scary at first but the truth is everything is as it should be. However we need your help. Every person that wakes up needs to start medatations on peace and forgiveness.

together our energies will balance the Earth's energies and help to ease our transition to better things.

Be at Peace and all will come to you in good time.
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