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Talking Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

Hey guys!
I love water studies! Especially these newer ways of viewing and understanding from a larger perspective. According to research: apparently water forms in beautiful self-cleaning fractal patterns when highly energized!!! How fun!!

"The Water" ~ Applied Hyper-Physics Theory ~ Clip 1-4




"The Water" ~ Hyper-Physics Theory 101 ~ Part 1

Some notes/info in the videos:
By raising the "bonding" angle (120 degrees or so) of the hydrogen bonds to the oxygen itself in the group of water molecules, it then clusters a smaller bucky-ball-like geometric sphere of clustered water molecules. Thus making it smaller in size. The higher the energy, the smaller the water "structure" or "cluster" size. If you get the geometrically spherical cluster to below .5 micron, as Dan Nelson has, it can get through to your cell through the aquaporin much quicker, and hydrate the cell (Thus, YOU) MUCH more efficiently and quicker. MANY MANY times faster! Yes, it is possible to be hydrated "too" quickly, as it depends on your toxin levels. You would need to work your way slowly into hydration if you are a toxic body.

*The way to loose energy in water: microwaving it or piping it! Our cities loose water energy by piping it. Also, microwaving water will destroy its ability to transfer the elements to the cells. Therefore less to no nutritional values in food microwaved!*

Dan Nelson briefly mentions the pH level being higher (9+), which most reading this probably understand is alkaline and healthy for the human body nutrition.

Nelson speaks of how one could engineer/"store" the vibrational mathematical analog signature of elements on the periodic table into the highly-energized water. Therefore you have no elements in the toxic/metallic form in your body, BUT with the nutritional value in the water, to provide your cells with the energy of the element, rather than the metallic version of the element. He speaks of this as a NUTRITIONAL value. *He does not say "no metallic elements required in the body"... that is important to note.*

Tie David Wilcock's speak about "special" structured water in our pineal gland (The 2012 Enigma video) with THIS:

Ancient Hebrew word for MEMORY:
MEM=Light ~ ORY=Water

Audience member mentions:
Egyptian word for Brain = AIS
Egyptian word for Consciousness = SIA

My note: Is this related to when David Wilcock speaks of water flips inside out to go from memory to pineal gland to the brain functions (The 2012 Enigma video)? Thoughts? Does this mean energized water helps out intuition? Does it de-calcify the pineal gland from fluoride and such substances put in our food/water supply?

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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

BJ - remind me, were you doing this water study when I had that spontaneous, energetic moment with the light reflections in the water, hearing your voice...'pulling me in'? I started to pour Reiki into the glass and - the water show was ALIVE and dancing. Yes, that was interesting.
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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

Trying to work out what the best source of clean energised water is... if it wasn't for chem trails it may be rain water.

I have a Collidial Silver maker and a blood zapper amongst other things. (Sota Silver pulser ---> investigate Dr Bob Beck zapper).

Read a bad report in Nexus Magazine about alkaline water so not sure which is best method... maybe distiller then ozone and a few drops of collidial silver followed by sunlight/crystal with a label or two of positive messages
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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

This may be the best way to go for your every day cooking and drinking water: www.purewatersystems.com

Pretty cheap all things considered.

Remember also.. never cook with tap water - my understanding is that flouride is much more harmful to the body when heated up.
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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

We had an opportunity to meet Dr Masaru Imoto and see him at a conference in Hawaii in 2005. His presentation was remarkable, along with his innovative research on how the structure of water can be altered by thoughts, words and images.

What is even more amazing is how the molecular structure of a water crystal is altered just by a word placed on the bottle that the water is in, or how the molecular structure of water can alter just by sitting on a photograph. The majority of people have no clue as to how intention, our thoughts, go out into our vibrational field at a molecular level and ultimately affect others at a cellular level.

Imagine what damage happens when angry and hateful words are spoken, not only to the person the words/intention are directed toward, but also how ill intentions also have a negative impact on the person thinking or expressing those negative thoughts. Perhaps you recall this words from childhood, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me." Yet, now we know that this is not true. Without a shadow of a doubt, negative intention can harm those within the field of the negative thought and/or intention.

The same can be said for the positive effects of prayer and good intentions. Time after time we have witnessed the miraculous spontaneous healing of someone prayed over. Truly, our intention not only affects the molecular structure of water in a vial but it also can affect the water molecules in our blood stream.

This is an excerpt from an article Stace Sharp wrote on Dr. Imoto’s research.

“Miraculous Messages from Water
How water reflects our consciousness”

“From Mr. Emotos work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, its quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

Water is a very malleable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes; its molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment.”

We encourage those who wish to learn more to read Dr. Imoto’s books “Messages from Water, Volumes One” and “Messages from Water Volume Two.” http://www.hado.net/

Stace Sharp’s article is located at “The Wellness Goods Marketplace.”


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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

This is from research I stumbled across.

Structured Water?

Water is not one solid mass of liquid, but it actually consists of layers. When these layers slide by each other, such as when the waters are shaken, the surfaces of the layers are susceptible to absorbing an electro-magnetic force or energy. Whenever water is turbulent, it is affected by magnetic forces. These magnetic forces are either man made or from the earth's natural magnetic field. In nature, this occurs whenever water flows over rocks. Water also moves around sharp bends or over elevations and depressions in the river or stream’s bed. These natural occurrences cause water to become "Structured."

The molecules in water, under the influence of "structuring,” become either “positively” or “negatively” charged. As a result, the water's natural repulsion, or attraction is greatly enhanced. The positive charge (<== left spin) is the optimum direction of the spin one would want for “structured” water. When the spin is to the left, an increased number of molecules then "stick together" and create "liquid crystal chains." These crystal chains create a remarkable positive change in the composition of the affected water. (See photos of Dr. Imoto’s water crystals.) The "structured" water then becomes quite different then normal tap water out of one’s faucet. The results? "Structured" water is transformed into "natural water." In this sense, natural water is referred to as unaffected by man-made chemicals and environmental pollution. Instead, “structured” water is in alignment with what Mother Nature intended.

Not surprisingly, there are numerous benefits associated with "structured" water because it is what one’s own body’s' healthy water content should be. What does this mean? Simply put, our body does not have to make stressful and energy-burning transformations in the structure of "unnatural water" for our bodies to assimilate and utilize the water. Unnatural water takes energy from the body, whereas, natural "structured" water gives energy to the body.

When the body is exposed to a constant flow of energized water, food, herbs, supplements and any other life sustaining elements or compounds, the body responds better and easily assimilates what it needs. The benefits of "structured" water are almost too numerous to count, but even stronger colloid production in addition to better plant growth for our plants are definitely part of this positive equation. Experience with "structured" water has taught us that we will see a reduction of scale buildup in pipes and equipment along with a reduction in cleaning compounds necessary for clean-up.

"Structured" water has been used with exceptional positive results in industry in Europe and Asia for years. Very large companies have used "structured" water in the areas of medicine, for irrigation purposes, cooling towers, boilers and much more. The Volga Research Institute in Russia irrigates huge agricultural areas with "structured" water. "Structured" water has been known to produce a 28% increase in winter wheat productions, 17% increase in corn, 37% increase in cucumbers and 32% increase in tomatoes, to name a few! "Structured" water has also produced larger radishes, onions, corn and many other vegetables. This equates to a REAL increase in productivity because foods are not only larger but also are more plentiful.

Water as Medicine

Researchers have also discovered "structured" water is important for our health as well. Since the body is approximately 72% water, it is logical that good water is essential to our health. This has prompted a number of health care providers to use "structured" water with their clients and patients. For example, while working with technology that structures water in Brazil, John Lauffer discovered when water is at the right energy level; it strongly supports "life." Yet when water has an inappropriate energy level, it does not support life, instead, it inhibits life. Thus, water then becomes "unnatural."

Lauffer also noted that when water was treated with a bio-magnetic catalyst, special properties were imparted to the water. The results? "Structured" water prohibits growth of pathogenic bacterium like E. Coli. This study was repeated during a six-year period, both with Lauffer and in extensive 6 years of tests at the Russian Academy of Natural Science.

Research on "structured" water was also performed at the Adolfo Lutz Institute in Sao Paul, Brazil. Further investigation was pursued in England, and again, later in Sao Paulo, Brazil by researchers tracking swimming pools. Both results were confirmed in separate laboratory tests. The result indicated that water, in its natural form, unhampered by mankind with useless manipulations, has many surprising cleansing properties.

Medicine is used to treat illness. One thinks of medicine as something to use to “heal” or correct a “dis/eased” state of being. And we see how the medical allopathic community is trained to treat illness using the medical and pharmaceutical health care model. Yet, perhaps the real focus needs to be on preventive medicine. EnerCHIzed water for bathing, drinking, cooking, cleaning, watering plants and cleaning structures, even on the outside, helps to detoxify the heavy metals and toxins in people’s bodies. When given healthy water, the body begins to heal itself.

In reality, even infections can be controlled with just the use of water. Once we understand the role of good water, we can begin preventing common disease. Known good water, with all of the positive characteristics in "natural occurring" water, can increase immunity.

In addition, we are discovering how water carries specific informational codes. And we are still discovering which energies are useful for what specific purpose. As time progresses, research will continue to uncover the secrets of “energized” water.
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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

I thought you might enjoy reading this article on water as well. There are a number of places that sell enerchi products which restructure water. If you're interested I can give you several links.

By Norman deLauder Mlkesell, 1985


Structured water is found in the cytoplasm of healthy tissue. It has a high solubility for the body’s minerals, so minerals and vitamins, which are formed with structured water, tend to go from the digestive tract and bloodstream into the tissues. Structured water can be formed using light, magnets, temperature changes, (quartz crystals, pyramids and sounds). Structured water formed with blue light or North Pole magnetic energy is slightly alkaline and has an increased surface tension. Water structured with yellow and red light, South Pole magnetic energy, or within a pyramid, is slightly acidic and has a decreased surface tension. The two types of structured water each have increased mineral solubilities and different healing effects on the body. North Pole magnetic energy and water is known to stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria and cancer tumors while South Pole magnetic energy and water enhances organ functions and endocrine excretions. The structured water research will investigate the physical, chemical and biiological characteristics of water structured under different conditions of light, temperature, magnets, quartz crystals, pyramids and sounds. The chemical changes in the pH and mineral solubilities will be correlated with the different biological actions found for each type of structure.


All light structures water. Light centered in the blue, violet and ultraviolet and end of the spectrum will produce alkaline structured water. Examples of these kinds of light are sunlight at high noon (blue) bilirubin light (blue) and germicidal light (U.V.). Light centered in the green part of the spectrum, early morning and late afternoon sunlight, tree shade and Kiva lights structure water at a neutral pH. Light centered in the yellow and red end of the spectrum produces acid structured water. Examples of these kinds of light are incandescent light bulbs (yellow), cool white fluorescent tubes (yellow), warm white fluorescent tubes (yellow), cool white fluorescent tubes (yellow) and Gro-Lites (pink) (Bachechi, 1982 p. 14).

North-pole magnetic energy structures water and amino acid solutions to an alkaline pH and increases water surface tension. South-pole magnetic energy structures water amino acid solutions to an acid pH and decreases water surface tension (Davis & Rawls, 1979 pp. 85-86 and Rees, pp. 26-27). A decrease in surface tension is also found with water placed under a pyramid (Schul & Pettit, 1975 pp. 91-92)

Structured water has a higher solubility for minerals than bulk water. Water activated by Kiva lights (Bachechi, 1984), red light and electrical discharge from a neon & mercury filled vial (Gauquelin, 1969) and South-pole magnetic energy (Davis and Rawls, 1979 p.89) will dissolve calcium deposits found in hard water and boiler scale. These three types of activated water are structured to an acid pH and have an increased solubility for structure-maker ions –- ions that cause water to become more highly structured. Structures-maker ions are all multivalent ions and monovalent ions the size of socium or smaller. These are Li+1, Na+1, H3O+1, Ca+2, Ga+2, Mg+3, Al+2, Er+3, OH-1, and F1.

Ions which are more soluble in alkaline structured water are called structure-breaker ions and include all monovalent ions, the size of potassium or larger. These are K+1, NH4-1, Rb+1, Co+1, Br-1, I-1, NO3-1, BrO3-1, IO3-1, and CIO4-1. (Mikesell 1974, pp. 2-3. These solubility differences are reflected in the cells ionic make-up. The cytoplasm of healthy tissues has a slightly basic pH and a high potassium to sodium ration while the bloodstream, nucleus and extra cellular fluid is more acidic with a higher sodium content (Mikesell 1974, pp. 5-14).

Structured water has a decreased solubility for dissolved gases. Kiva light activated water has a decrease in the amount of dissolved chlorine gas, that remains is turned into a chloride ion (Bachechi, 1984). Magnet activated water has a decrease in the dissolved oxygen and nitrogen (Davis & Rawis, 1975 pp. 118-119). Water with 1.2 ppm dissolved nitrogen, which is exposed to either a North Pole or South Pole magnet, loses half of its dissolved nitrogen. (Davis & Rawls, 1979 p. 88).

Structured water can be formed using lights, magnets, temperature changes, quartz crystals, pyramid energy, sounds and minerals. The effect of lights should first be studied since all laboratory experiments are done under some kind of artificial lights – usually, either cool white fluorescence, warm white flourescence or incandescent bulbs. Since these three lights are centered in the yellow end of the spectrum, all structured water data will be biased toward an acid pH condition. Therefore structured water experiments on the changes in pH, dielectric conductivity and surface tension should be done on incandescent blurbs, Gro-Lites, warm white and cool white fluorescent lights, Kiva lights, bilirubin lights and UV germicidal lights in order to find out the amount each light will bias subsequent experiments on other water structuring energies. It could be that standard lighting conditions for structured water experiments should be all cool whites, all Kiva lights or even that experiments should only be done in the dark. The activation of water by a Kiva light, because it is centered in the green, structures both the acid and the alkaline ions. The North Pole and South Pole magnetized water will structure both the acid and alkaline ions. One explanation for the decease in the dissolved gas content of Kiva lighted and sun energized water is that the acid structured water, with its deceased surface tension, open the water bonding up and allows the dissolved chlorine to escape into the atmosphere. The alkaline structured-water is more soluble for H3O+1, OH-1, NH4+1, NO3-1, Cl-1, ClO-1, and ions. The hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions will react with chlorine to form Cl ions and Cl04-1 ions, with nitrogen to form NH4+1 and NO 3-1 and will react with nitrogen to form NH4+1 and NO3-1 and will react with oxygen to form additional hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. Dissolved CO2 will react with hydrogen ions to form carboxylic acid (HCOO-1).

The structuring of water can be done using both light and magnetic energy. Parccardi demonstrated this by stirring a vial of low-pressure neon with a drop of mercury around in a beaker of water. The mercury, rubbing on the wall of the vial produces a slight electromagnetic current, which causes the neon to discharge a red fluorescent light. This produces acid structured water, which dissolves boiler scale (Gauguelin, 1969). The inert gases, subjected to pressure and a magnetic field, have been used on water, juice or as whole body irradiation to cure a variety of diseases (Cook, 1980 pp.1-7). Changes in temperature have been used to structure water. An increase in temperature is used in making cell salt solutions. Either raising the temperature 10 degrees Centigrade, or shaking a bottle 2/3’s full of the salt solution 40-50 times prepares each successive dilution. This forms hydration shells around each of the ions, which causes an increased separation between the ions and structures the water around the ions (Mikesell, 1974 pp 14-16). A decrease in temperature is used in structuring vortexya water. Water is vortexed, under vacuum, at 4 degrees Centigrade with CO2, O2 and trace minerals, which combined with the oxygen and with the carbon dioxide (Baumgardner pp. 5-7). This creates both acid and oxygen with carbon dioxide (Baumgardner pp. 5-7). This creates both acid and alkaline structured water with an increased solubility of trace minerals. Freshly melted snow and water, which has been boiled and quickly cooled, is degassed to the point where the water becomes structured. This kind of water is more biologically active, shows an increased surface tension, density and viscosity and a decrease in electrical conductivity. (Maugh II, 1978 p. 414)

Minerals will structure water. Silica gel will cause an alkaline structuring of water with an increased surface tension and solubility of potassium structure-breaking type ions (Mikesell 1974, pp 7-9) Hunza water is composed of all the seawaters minerals except NaCl and has a decreased surface tension (Flanagan, 1984).

Pyramid energy will produce acid structured water with a decrease in surface tension if water is placed inside a pyramid. The pyramid’s effect on water has been attributed to an increase in the water’s dipole moment. (Schul-Pettit, 1975 pp. 91-92 & 102-105).

Quartz crystals structure water for several reasons. They will impart pyramid energy to water because their points are at the pyramid angle of 76 degrees. The silica dioxide will increase the water’s viscosity when water is placed between two silica plates (Peschel, G. & P. Belouschek, 1979 p. 9). Crystals have a piezoelectric energy, which varies depending upon their orientation in the earth’s magnetic field. Pierralos found a pulse rate of 9/mm. with the leading edge of crystal facing south, 6/mm. facing west, 4/mm. facing north, and 14/mm. when facing east (Pierralos, 1971 p.18). The crystal’s piezoelectric energy will also amplify the variations in pressure caused by sound while the pyroelectric energy will reflect variations in heat produced by different frequencies of light. Water treated on top of pyramids and with Ralf Bergstresser’s pyramid energized aluminum plates should be tested to see how the water is structured.

Sound structuring of water need to be tested. Keely found that striking a resonate chord of an object in three octaves, the third, sixth and ninth of a chord scale would produce a variable effect. The sixth would cause the matter to condense while the ninth would have an expanding or levitating effect (Sykes 1964 pp. 20-21, Richards 1983 p. 2, & Richards 1984 p. 12). The structuring of water by these various means should be measured by looking at changes in pH, oxidation-reduction potential, dielectric conductivity, UV spectrophotometry, surface tension, viscosity, density, freezing temperature, ice crystal formation, dried crystal formation, mineral solubilities, biological activity and healing abilities.


In my review of alternative healing procedures I have found four methods that will detoxify the body and cure pathogenic and metabolic diseases – Koch Therapy, Kiva Lights, Vortexya Water and the John Ray Program of minerals. They work by inducing a periodic healing crisis, which includes diarrhea and endocrine activation. The Koch therapy heals by providing two activators of cellular oxidative reactions, Glyoxyide and Coenzyme Q10 that allows the cells to remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses and reabsorb cancerous tumors (Koch 1961, p. 278 & 288). Kiva lights, when used on cooking water and food, cause the food to be properly absorbed by the body and induces the body to heal itself of cancers, Candida yeast, food allergies, arthritis, overweight and underweight metabolism. When used over the cooking water and bath water, the Kiva light remove chlorine and structure the water so mineral are more soluble and biologically active.

Both the Koch Therapy and the Kiva Process detoxify the body in such a way that every month on the Kiva Process equals one year’s worth of toxic elimination. For example, if you had quit smoking or drinking six years ago, then after six months of Kiva food processing you would find yourself starting to eliminate nicotine or alcohol toxins from your body. This would continue in terms of months, for however many years you smoked or drank (Bachicha, 1984). With Kock Therapy, polio victims who have been paralyzed for three years require three months to recover 95% normal function, while one patient who was paralyzed for twenty years had 95% normal functioning and muscle reconstruction after two years of Koch therapy detoxification. (Koch 1961, p. 16). The John Ray Program uses a high amount of chelated trace minerals from kelp, enzymes, vitamins, acidophilus and herbs to promote good nutrition and periodic diarrhea. Acupressure points are pressed to activate the organs, the endocrine system and to remove calcifications. Colon elimination is so good that intestinal tumors and diverticuli are flushed out and cancers in other parts of the body are reabsorbed (John Ray Lecture Tapes, 1984).

Vortexya water has the same trace minerals found in kelp. They are activated by vortexing under vacuum with oxygen and carbon dioxide at 4 degrees Centigrade. This bioactive water rejuvenates the endocrine glands, normalized intestinal elimination and heals the body of cancers, arthritis, kidney stones, gallstones and other metabolic disorders by flooding the tissues with an active form of oxygen, carbon dioxide and trace minerals. (Baumgardner, p. 5-7)


Chemical mechanisms on Orie Bachechi’s eight-year study of the effects of full spectrum Kiva lights submitted to one for his use in grant proposals and the designing of future experiments. Kiva light removes dust and static electricity from the air while holding the humidity between 45 and 55%. This balances the positive and negative ion contents in a room. Rooms, which are dry and dusty, are depleted in negative ions while rooms that are very humid, have few positive or negative ions. The Kiva light produces highly active water molecules, which precipitate the dust (positive ions), and excess humidity (negative ions) to produce a room, which has an equal balance of, charged positive and negative ions. Negative ion studies show a balance of positive and negative ions increases oxygen absorption in man.

The Kiva light changes the pH of water. This change comes from the light structuring or activating the water to form free radicals or highly reactive positive and negative ions within the water. These charged ions will react with other water molecules to form ionized chains of water molecules and will ionize dissolved gases and minerals. Dissolved minerals become more highly soluble because there are more water hydration shells around each mineral. This increase in the charged molecule changes the chemical strength of the dissolved minerals and changes the pH of the water. Dissolved gases become ionized in structured water. Kiva lights change dissolved chlorine gas into chloride ions by the structured water ionizing the Cl2 molecules into two Cl free radicals which then react with two H free radicals to form two HCl molecules. This reaction will change the water to a more acid pH.

Dissolved CO2 gas will become HCOO-1 (carboxylic acid) while dissolved O2 will react with H free radicals to become two basic hydroxyl (OH-1ions).

Kiva lights seem to inhibit several well-known free radical organic and biochemical reactions. Epoxy glue will not bond under Kiva light but will stick when placed under incandescent lights. These reactions probably need an acid environment to go from the free radical condition to the ionic or covalently bonded state. Fats and oils do not become rancid under Kiva lights so meat and vegetables do not spoil as readily with Kiva light as they do under acid causing yellow or pink lights.

Kiva lights are modified 4 foot fluorescent Vita-Lites which when placed over the kitchen sink structure the tap water and the food prepared in the kitchen. People using these lights in this manner experience periodic detoxification reactions, which include a slight fever and diarrhea. Many diseased conditions are improved by this use of structured water including poor circulation, high blood pressure, cellulite loss, dry skin, kidney and gall bladder stones, toxicity, anemia, ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, fibroid tumors and paralysis (Bachechi, 1982).

In the body, poor circulation, high blood pressure, arterial sclerosis and cellulite from cholesterol deposits are dissolved after KIVA activated water has been used for cooking. Also, skin becomes softer and less wrinkled. Cholesterol deposits are due to free radical oxidation while skin wrinkles are caused by free radical cross linkage of collagen molecules. A rebalancing of the calcium metabolism alleviates arthritis, kidney stones, and gall bladder stones.


Bachechi, Orie (1982) When Light Touches Many Changes Take Place, Kiva, Inc., 912 Broadway N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87102
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Schul, Bill & Ed Pettit (1975) The Secret Power of Pyramids, NY: Ballantine books
Sykes, Egerton (1964) The Keely Mystery, London: Markham House Press LTD.
Szent-Gyorgyi, A. (1973) “Electrons, Molecules, Biology and Cancer” in Acta Biochem et Biophysic Academy of Science, (Hungary) 8, pp. 117-127
Wiggins, P.M. (1972) “Intracellular pH and the Structure of Cell Water” Journal of Theoretical Biology 37, pp. 363-371
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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

Anybody feel like talkinga bout what Dan says inteh videos? It seems not everyone is as excited, or didn't watch them perhaps..... they are intensely exciting to me! The implicatiosn are HUGE! Everythign from the meaning of "WATER" in ancient Hebrew, to pH balance, ionization, to the fractalization related to energy in water, to hydration of the body faster than any other water out there....

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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

I'm still not feeling anyone cares about this water stuff. Wow. People... this stuff is INTENSELY AMAZING. There is no way one couldn't be fascinated by what Dan Nelson speaks of in these videos.
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Default Re: Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic


I care immensely !

Live Love & Seek Truth,
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