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BJ ∞ Trust Yourself
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Talking Water: pH, ionization, structure/cluster, hydration, hyperphysics, holographic

Hey guys!
I love water studies! Especially these newer ways of viewing and understanding from a larger perspective. According to research: apparently water forms in beautiful self-cleaning fractal patterns when highly energized!!! How fun!!

"The Water" ~ Applied Hyper-Physics Theory ~ Clip 1-4




"The Water" ~ Hyper-Physics Theory 101 ~ Part 1

Some notes/info in the videos:
By raising the "bonding" angle (120 degrees or so) of the hydrogen bonds to the oxygen itself in the group of water molecules, it then clusters a smaller bucky-ball-like geometric sphere of clustered water molecules. Thus making it smaller in size. The higher the energy, the smaller the water "structure" or "cluster" size. If you get the geometrically spherical cluster to below .5 micron, as Dan Nelson has, it can get through to your cell through the aquaporin much quicker, and hydrate the cell (Thus, YOU) MUCH more efficiently and quicker. MANY MANY times faster! Yes, it is possible to be hydrated "too" quickly, as it depends on your toxin levels. You would need to work your way slowly into hydration if you are a toxic body.

*The way to loose energy in water: microwaving it or piping it! Our cities loose water energy by piping it. Also, microwaving water will destroy its ability to transfer the elements to the cells. Therefore less to no nutritional values in food microwaved!*

Dan Nelson briefly mentions the pH level being higher (9+), which most reading this probably understand is alkaline and healthy for the human body nutrition.

Nelson speaks of how one could engineer/"store" the vibrational mathematical analog signature of elements on the periodic table into the highly-energized water. Therefore you have no elements in the toxic/metallic form in your body, BUT with the nutritional value in the water, to provide your cells with the energy of the element, rather than the metallic version of the element. He speaks of this as a NUTRITIONAL value. *He does not say "no metallic elements required in the body"... that is important to note.*

Tie David Wilcock's speak about "special" structured water in our pineal gland (The 2012 Enigma video) with THIS:

Ancient Hebrew word for MEMORY:
MEM=Light ~ ORY=Water

Audience member mentions:
Egyptian word for Brain = AIS
Egyptian word for Consciousness = SIA

My note: Is this related to when David Wilcock speaks of water flips inside out to go from memory to pineal gland to the brain functions (The 2012 Enigma video)? Thoughts? Does this mean energized water helps out intuition? Does it de-calcify the pineal gland from fluoride and such substances put in our food/water supply?

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