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Default The Awakening - An interesting angle from Kirael

Hi Everyone

I shant go into too much detail and will leave you to read the article for yourselves. I could paste the short paragraph but rather go read it on the site.

The first 2 sentences are what grab me.

" Before the Shift can happen, the collective consciousness of the Earth plane must stop struggling, fighting, and engaging in all sorts of negativity. Collectively, you must first awaken to the power of your light. "

This topic arises time and time again. I allude to it in most of my posts. Why I am wondering about it at the moment is due to a few threads.

The one being "Does project Avalon hate Jews?" Why do we even dignify that topic with space on the forum? All we do is generate negativity by doing so. A simple NO should have been good enough to answer that question.

The other is this hoopla about Michael St Claire. Ah, he was such the darling until he dared say something anti and now he is the demon.

How fickle of us, indeed.

With that, all I have to say is that we need to get POSITIVE, and we need to do that with immediate effect.

This is a choice of will, no-one can make you do it, you have to want to change from the innermost core of your being. You have to hold to the vision of lifting vibrational existance. You have to want it so badly that you eat sleep and think it ALL the time, not just when it suits you and makes you feel all fuzzy and warm. It is more than posting a few clever words on a forum, it is something that wells up and overtakes you. A Tsunami of Love.

Love to All Of You


now the link


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