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Default stereogram (SIRDS, Magic Eye) video games


Most of you already know sterograms like these or these.

And some probably know about animated stereograms of this type or this type.

There's even programs to make your own stereograms, single image or animated. This one online where your draw with your mouse then click render, or just write something, and more complex ones for animations.

But have you ever played a stereogram video game like Tetris, or ping-pong, or Snake or a maze?

The original idea for a Magic Eye Tetris was by me (cfec) back in 2004. And that guy coded it after I emailed him with the idea. This is the original stereogram Tetris page where I'm not credited, big surprise.

I found out later that I was not the first to have the idea for a stereogram game, again not surprisingly. At the same time I was trying to find a coder for my idea, there was already someone working on a much more complex stereogram game. I have never played his stereogram Quake II but that must be quite an experience! I would have to learn how to play normal Quake II first...

Have fun.

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Default Re: stereogram video games

I would really like to know how it is for you playing a stereogram video game. We can even have a friendly competition for the best score.
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