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Default Photos: Are there entrances to an inner Earth at our North and South Poles?

I have been researching what may be hidden under the poles on Google Earth, right under our noses. I teach some classes in computer science, and I have been using Photoshop for nearly 5 years.
If one checks Google Earth, you will find there is a complete cover-up of the North pole at all times. They do not show any part of the entire Artic ICE CAP, yet we know it is there. When the weather layer is turned on, it always has unusual shaped blue diagrams covering the North pole. What are they hiding?
I also noticed that there is a strange large circle on Antarctica that looks like this:

The distance of that whole "circle" image on Antartica is about a thousand miles across. When I dropped that image into Photoshop, and used an adjustment tool called ďCurvesĒ to darken and work with contrasting tones, I was stunned with what I got! Notice the very bright light at the very center of the South pole! It is as if there is something very bright at that location shining out that the satellite cameras picked up!

When I realized the significance of this image, I started to remember a couple of other things Iíd read about weeks and months ago. There is this interesting website about Jupiter with NASA images that animate at http://hollowjupiter.blogspot.com/ and it alleges that sunlight shines out from the poles at Jupiter, that website looks like this:

I have tried diligently to find other accurate pictures of our poles. I found this website at the University of Illinois, which shows you some NASA images of the North Pole Ice cap:
http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere Note the convenient Ďblack dotí that they place directly over the north poleÖ what are they hiding under the black dots?

Please take any one of those satellite views at the University, and run the 30 day animation. It shows you the past days. Turn the animation to slow so you can see it. There is a speed bar in the upper right.

On the day of Thursday Oct. 9th, I went to the University of Illinois site, and what I saw amazed me. The site looks like the concave on the ice, around the black dot, has increased substantially in size. Take a look! I have gone back to a photo I saved from Oct. 3rd, and Iíve placed it side by side with Oct. 8th. I am considering a theory that there may have been a huge explosion at the direct location of the North pole, on or around the dates the changes appear on the University pictures.

I looked up earthquakes and found there was a 5.3 earthquake registered in the Artic ocean on October 8th.

If you look at the 30 day animation at the website, and see how it only shows the changes to the concave on about the 7th or 8th of Oct. The earthquake was Oct. 7th Alaska time, but Oct. 8th Pacific Standard Time. There have been known occurrences when significant blasts occur, that seismographs may record the blast sound waves as earthquakes, such as this: http://www.ksco.com/dspNR.cfm?nrid=5682

Realize that NASA has already done some digital screening (brushing out) so that we donít get to see a clear picture of the north pole. Notice Greenland, it is of a different clarity. Here are the two comparisons.

That concave difference surrounding the black dot, between the two pictures is probably hundreds of miles in difference!

From Oct. 8th until today, Oct. 13th, they had stopped updating their website. Normally, they update every day, but for some reason they held back updates for 5 full days. Today, they have updated the site to show images through 10/11/2008. The cryrosphere photos dated 10/10/08 look like this.

Why my speculation about an explosion at the North Pole? There are many websites which support the idea that our Earth is hollow and inhabited by advanced beings on the inside. I canít say who or what was behind an alleged explosion at the north pole, but it might be connected to widening the entrance hole at the pole.

There is a website where everybody can see what the satellites see... there are hundreds of satellites to choose from. http://fourmilab.ch/earthview/satellite.html But caution, you donít get to see the clarity that you get with Google earth, no weather shows up on any of them, and we all know there are clouds around Earth. When I examine them with Photoshop I see what I believe to be smudging and brushing which can all be done digitally by NASA computers. And notice that there are NO BLACK dots on these satellite photos, so I canít see any reason why there would be black dots on the satellite photos from the University of Illinois.

I hope this will give everyone some interesting pictures and websites to check out for themselves.

The question remains, what is being hidden under the images NASA gives us about the North and South Poles?

What can we do to encourage disclosure? We can all participate in the MILLION FAX ON WASHINGTON. The date: November 5, 2008. Hereís more info:

And http://www.faxonwashington.org/
AND pass the word on to your friends.
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