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Default The Conduit

An usual weather system hits the Earth. Flooding hits record levels, wiping out towns and cities worldwide. A mysterious flu-like illness develops into a global pandemic. Inoculation from official vaccines provides no form of immunity, turning into a destructive biological weapon. There is a major terrorist strike at the heart of America. Economic collapse. Unprecedented sightings of UFOs. A Presidential candidate is assassinated. Alien attacks!

What is happening here? This must be the latest items from the predictive ALTA reports from Clif High of the Web Bot Right? Wrong! It is the latest entry in the alien meme stream courtesy of game developer High Voltage Software and publisher SEGA for the Nintendo WII player.

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Default Re: The Conduit

I wanna put one of those under the front seat of my car...just in case all of the above actually happens. By the way...is that a vaccine injector?
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Default Re: The Conduit

Well, you certainly had me going there, nagual.

It looks like someone got the latest bot boys' report before we did...hmmmmmm... maybe there's been a lot of discussion on forums about this game that threw their stats off?????
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Default Re: The Conduit

This doesn't mean the web bots got it wrong. It seems to me that the game is portraying what some envision for this country and thus many are talking about that information.
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