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Talking Religion, Suffering, Govmnt, 'The Great Lie'

The Great conundrum is before us. We are told by our governments, our religions, our Media , Our corporations, in short by all authoritative means a Great Untruth. Tis Noble to Suffer. Indeed Jesus died on the Cross for you. The whole of a continent India has fallen for : Suffer in this Life so you will have bliss in the Next... Our Insurance Companies, Our Schools all prey on your suffering. Our Drug companies survive on it. Our Medical business relies on it. Our Schools institutionalize on it.. Do your homework so you will be prepared. You are growing up now and that means a certain amount of suffering. Our parents put this on us so we would 'mature ' and take our place in the legions of Adults who believe that you Grow up and learn to Suffer... Its all a load of BUNK.

One need not ever suffer if one has a clear mind and understanding why one suffers..

Whenever we are suffering, we are asleep. It is our task to awaken. When we come across a challenge that upsets us, and makes us unhappy or we perceive that we are injured, we have 'forgotten' our true nature . We have lapsed into the condition of 'sleep'. 95% of the collective is asleep most of the time. How does one know they are asleep? They 'suffer'. When we suffer we have been given a great gift. We have been shown an area of our being that has 'forgotten', and needs to be brought to awareness. Thus awakened the pain is transformed to Love with our awareness and we become a more powerful light to shine on the 'forgetting' of the world. Our job in this incarnation is to remain Awake as much as possible. This has been termed Enlightenment. How does one know if they have achieved Enlightenment? They have ceased 'suffering'. This is the 'great need' of this world. To have the collective Awaken. To have 'awareness'. To cease the needless suffering that ensues as they are sleeping... ... To be grateful. Remember..

Much of the world will get Dinner tonight, after they run barefoot, through the jungle, and catch it with a spear. Then they will proceed to eat it raw. We are pretty high up in order of things.... you have the nerve to complain?

Gratitude, Perspective, Awareness. Things we need to remember to bring to the Table...

Our corporations and leaders be they Religions or other authorities have institutionalized suffering as its a Great Business, our Medical business has followed suit so we will need Drugs to alleviate our Suffering..

Don't you see what a good business model this institutionalized Suffering has become? Suffering is brought about by Ignorance. A simple forgetting that all so called suffering is our best ally. When something makes you Suffer you have found a great Truth. A Kernel of darkness that needs to be brought to the light. That you will be more awake , that you will be more of a light here on Earth.

Our World has a vested interest in not wanting you to react like this. It's simply not good for them. Its simply not good for your Corporations who make allot of book on your misery. Your Churches want you to believe you Need to suffer to , Come to us and we will help you not suffer. Has this really occurred? Not at any religions I have seen on Earth. Indeed the doctrines they thrust on you is a form of violence that they tell you that your needs are against the Rules, if you are a good little follower you will think like this. We are the right ones. Everyone else is missing the Boat...

Our governments have done 'as much' as the religions on a great scale to convince you that you need to SUFFER. They have spread the doctrine of fear to the ends of the earth. Telling you that there is not enough and you must suffer and be a 'good citizen' and your suffering is Noble. Join the Army and kill these folks as this is patriotic (idiotic) suffering. This is good for the country. You want to be a 'good citizen' don't you? Our parents seeking to 'prepare us for the world' tell us To live is to suffer, be happy for the little pleasures you get. All misinformed abliet dangerous NONSENSE propagated from the Top to the Bottom from the time you enter School to the time you graduate into adulthood. every time you turn on you TV , Read A Paper. What do you see. The suffering and what you must BUY to not suffer . A new Car, A new Drug, New clothes, an iPhone for God's Sake.

All Lies and mind control to keep you happy in your suffering. Poor Sheeple... ... ... There is no end to the degradation you will buy to 'escape your suffering' Don't you think this has been noted somewhere at a very high level? Planned for a good return on investment?

Can you see where I am headed with all this? The only way One can be happy in this morass of lies and disinformation is to Turn on your mind, Tune into your knowing, REMEMBER, and Drop out of the Cycle that has been established to keep you asleep. To keep you suffering, to keep you a good cog in the wheel of suffering. To stop playing 'their Game' to awaken to your control over your thoughts, to become Enlightened!

Now am I saying that will will never suffer again in this world? Its all a matter of Perspective, as so many things in this sick game are. It's really totally up to you. If you desire to unshackle yourself from the Grid of Control and Rise above the din of suffering that is, moment by moment, being hoisted on top of you. Then you must aspire to be as lets say 'Spock'. We need to start controlling our perspective and reactions...

One need watch their thoughts and be ever vigilant. To stand outside yourself and gaze on the poor downtrodden animal we are, To sit on your shoulder and watch the thoughts go by as if on a Blackboard. When you see a thought occurring that is taking you 'out of your center' you are being attacked! But you are also being 'served' as there are no thoughts in the world that should take you out of your bliss, So your new response should be something like this, to yourself, Assho*le what is upsetting you now? why have you let this nonsense upset you?

You see , its as if you went to a Concert and as they played the wondrous composition you heard a note that you like, and you said, "stop! stop at that note! I really like that note, Just keep playing that note..... Now you see how ridiculous that is don't you? At a Concert there will be some notes you don't love but you let them go on as you will love the next notes....

Your job is to let the notes go by and enjoy the Concert! Such is the stuff of life. For this you can RELY on. If you having a good moment be sure my friend that any moment something is going to occur that will make you less than thrilled shall we say. You must not forget that this too shall pass and in the next moment after that something Pleasant will occur. Now don't get grabby because you should know what's coming? Thats right some SOS as you should realize by now. This is how it works. Some good then some bad ....add infinitum till eternity. How could it be any other way with Lunatics running the asylum?

Now if you have caught my drift you are less upset as you are no longer demanding that only good notes play. You have ceased your tyrannical demand that Only good notes should play. You are not upset as this is a passing moment and you are not grabbing it. You have seen the light and are watching the endless stream go by the blackboard, and are remembering that you will not get too attached to any of it as its all a very temporary illusion. Right after the good notes play , some not to your liking will surely play. You have learned to just allow them to pass, that you may enjoy the Concert called life. That all the unpleasant notes are our best friends. They show us were we are out of whack. We have total control as to what a our reactions are. Why see the Glass half empty. Why not see the Glass half full? Those moments that were upsetting you are the moments of discovery were you are still asleep! You task is to wake up. So you have been given a wondrous gift that you may awaken those aspects of your being to lesson the slumbering asleep areas! Joy! How could it be any other way. So your 'adversity' has become your closest ally. Now we are in 'Freedom' True Freedom perhaps the first times in a long time, my friends. Nothing has the power to pull you out of God's bliss , your birthright that you had when you were a child. Stay in the sandbox the rest of your life and chuckle when the Blue Meanies come to kick you out. Nothing and No body has any more control, over you! We are now on our way to a lifetime of Freedom from control... enjoy

I will add more when I think of it.. Suffice it sat now to repeat the mantra in all areas of anger and fear(1000 times a day), I am Safe. To simply repeat those words and remember to stay awake, you will have come a long way in breaking the cycle of institutional Suffering which is the great Ignorance of our planet. The surest means of control that has been programmed in to you.

God Bless

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Default Re: Religion, Suffering, Govmnt, 'The Great Lie'

Many thanks for that Eugene

Funny how the word STRESS comes to mind here : emphasis - importance - weight - consequence - significance - meaning - value- prominence - urgency-strain -tension- force -burden - pressure -All happening in the MOMENT !

So Easy to fall into the trap when in reality it is all an illusion anyway !

Easy for the PTB to hold us down - (But not for too long now )
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Default Re: Religion, Suffering, Govmnt, 'The Great Lie'

very true. i recommend the book"Awakening" ( this is I believe the original title in English).
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Default Re: Religion, Suffering, Govmnt, 'The Great Lie'

Originally Posted by burgundia View Post
very true. i recommend the book"Awakening" ( this is I believe the original title in English).
I would recommend the Books:

'Awareness', by Anthony DeMellow and
Emmanuells's Book, by Pat Rodgegast
'The Seth Material'
'The Law Of One'
'The Findhorn Material'

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