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Wink RON PAUL in ORLANDO August 7th-9th ~ The Florida Liberty Summit

At "High Noon" today I received a call (computer generated) from Ron Paul requesting my presence at....


Please join us for the Florida Liberty Summit the weekend of August 7th – 9th!

Florida Campaign for Liberty members will gather at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL, on International Drive next to the Orange County Convention Center to network, learn, and build their local organizations as our grassroots Revolution to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution continues. Spend time with fellow liberty-minded activists, learn about history and current events from a freedom perspective you won’t hear from the mainstream media, and prepare to take back our country with top-notch training from seasoned experts.

The Summit will kickoff Friday evening with a special reception for Congressman Ron Paul, the Champion of the Constitution and Dr. Tom Woods, author, historian, and Senior Fellow at Ludwig Von Mises Institute. There will be a few surprise speakers as well.

Saturday will be a full day of training with the best of the best teaching us how to become experts in what we do. There will be special training that you would not be able to get from other institutions as emphasis will be placed on how to spread the message of liberty to others. On Sunday training will continue with regional based meetings for different areas around the state.

Please block off your weekend and come out on August 7th – 9th. Many of you are already active. The Florida Liberty Summit will help to further train you in organization and political skills. The Florida Liberty Summit will energize you with some of the best liberty speakers available. So come on out, and invite your friends to this event as well, and post it to other organizations you belong to.

I strongly encourage everyone to register as an official dues-paying member with the Campaign For Liberty, and then with one click of the mouse sign the online agreement to become a Local Coordinator (LC) of Campaign For Liberty.

Remember that Coordinators and Dues Paying members receive a discount to the conference and are entitled to discounts at the C4L online store.

If you are a Campaign for Liberty member, please RSVP here as well.

SOURCE: http://floridalibertysummit.com/

August 7th, Friday


5:00 PM—6:15 PM Sponsor Cocktail Reception ($175 sponsorship min.) (see sponsorship levels here)

Congressman Ron Paul and best-selling author of Meltdown, Tom Woods

7:00 PM—11:00 PM FLC4L Liberty Celebration (This event is FREE and open to the public.)

Music throughout the evening with Fred Badalli and Soul Funktion
Agenda Continues: http://floridalibertysummit.com/?page_id=10

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Default Re: RON PAUL in ORLANDO August 7th-9th ~ The Florida Liberty Summit

Florida Event a HUGE Success

Posted by Jesse Benton on 08/08/09 05:02 AM

Hats off to Mark Cross and the rest of Florida Campaign for Liberty. About 1,100 people turned out for the rally in Orlando headlined by Dr. Paul last night. The room got so crowded, the hotel had to call the fire marshall - twice! C-SPAN covered the event, so we'll be able to show the whole country just how popular Freedom really is.

SOURCE and COMMENTS: http://www.campaignforliberty.com/bl...cpg=1#comments

It was KISMET!

Somehow everything fell into place and I was able to attend The Florida Liberty Summit in Orlando Friday night.

It was standing room only when my friend and I arrived and it was suggested we go to the opposite side of the room where there was more space.

We sat on the side of the band stage, listening to the other speakers, until Ron Paul was about to come on and then moved closer to the corner of the stage so we would have a better view for the camcorder (not so profile) of Ron Paul when he began his speech.

Lo and behold when they announced him, he came out of the door behind us with Jesse Benton and John Tate, President of Campaign for Liberty, leading the way and was headed straight past us on his way to the stage. Starry-eyed as he approached me, I said in shock, "RON PAUL!!!" held out my hand to shake his and yep, haven't washed my hands since.

So you will notice when he passes the corner of the stage, just past the big speaker, in the beginning video (not filmed by my friend) that Ron Paul slows for barely a second, while he shakes my hand, then continues to the stage. You cannot see me for all the heads in the way. (You can see my friend though trying to record it with his camcorder, he's tall, dark short hair, light blue shirt with tie and silver glasses and you can see his head move from right to left as Ron Paul passes at about 20 seconds.) He was teasing me on the way driving to the Summit because I was filing my nails. I said what if I have the opportunity to shake Ron Paul's hand, I want my fingernails manicured.


You will see an Alan Grayson cameo in Part 2 and when he shares the stage with Ron Paul momentarily. Remember his grilling of the Inspector General of the Fed, Bernanke and Paulson? I did find him after the show, thanked him and shook his hand too!

It was a wonderful speech and hopefully someone will post the remainder of it soon. Seems as most of the youtube clips so far are of only the first 30 minutes. There should be a CSPAN video coming up soon. We also have some footage of Thomas Woods' speech that I can post tomorrow afternoon or soon thereafter.

Liberty is ALIVE!

Reporting for Project Avalon ,


aka Patriotism and Liberty

Ron Paul at the Florida Liberty Summit 8/7/09 Part 1

VIDEO (5:01): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9qKZvbdYMo

SEE Part 2, 3, 4, and 5 under More From: Kevins93cobra

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Default Re: RON PAUL in ORLANDO August 7th-9th ~ The Florida Liberty Summit

Great Job PaL... And, Dr. Paul shook your hand... Bet your happy.

Your the one...



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Default Re: RON PAUL in ORLANDO August 7th-9th ~ The Florida Liberty Summit

Ron Paul's Complete Speech

The Florida Liberty Summit 8/7/2009

VIDEO (probably about an hour): http://www.republicmedia.tv/index.ph...rectlink&id=28

The above 5 Part Video in Post #2 is only the first 24 minutes or so.

If you click on the new video about 1/2 way through you will pick up the remainder of the speech if you've already listened to the above series.

Advance the video to pick up the last half of the speech by clicking under the right side red calligraphy stroke of the "L" in liberty on the sign on the podium. Hope that makes sense.

Here is the original post of the speech where you can see the time on the player. Hmmm, but it's not letting me advance to the middle.


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