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no caste
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Default Iraq Inc. - Agricultural Seeds and US Corp. (Order 81)

I don't know yet who the supplier/s are, but I can guess

The article here first discusses farming in Mesopotamia and its rich history. Then this:

'When the US Administrator Paul Bremer left Baghdad in June 2004, he left behind 100 orders that he had enacted. Most of the orders concern the re-organization of Iraq’s economy, handing control over to global (mostly US) corporations, with the intention of making Iraq the poster-boy for the neo-conservative vision of a free trading economy, where global corporations could roam with as much freedom as the mammoths did during the ice age.

'Order 81, on "Patent, Industrial Design, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety" amends Iraq’s patent law of 1970, making the practice of saving and exchanging seed in Iraq illegal.

'Illegal, after 10,000 years.'

Absolutely ridiculous...
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Default Re: Iraq Inc. - Agricultural Seeds and US Corp. (Order 81)

I no longer have words to describe the negative emotions that stir in me when I read/hear of the foul play that these fatherless PTB have done/are doing in the world.

I want this to be over with very soon.

Thanks, No Caste....we must all keep informing/ be informed; for, only by our knowing may we act accordingly.

Peace and Good Will!
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