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Exclamation Cops Getting Fedup with the Drugwar Scam


Only after years of witnessing the ineffectiveness of drug policies -- and the disproportionate impact the drug war has on young black men -- have we and other police officers begun to question the system.

Cities and states license beer and tobacco sellers to control where, when and to whom drugs are sold. Ending Prohibition saved lives because it took gangsters out of the game. Regulated alcohol doesn't work perfectly, but it works well enough. Prescription drugs are regulated, and while there is a huge problem with abuse, at least a system of distribution involving doctors and pharmacists works without violence and high-volume incarceration. Regulating drugs would work similarly: not a cure-all, but a vast improvement on the status quo.

Legalization would not create a drug free-for-all. In fact, regulation reins in the mess we already have. If prohibition decreased drug use and drug arrests acted as a deterrent, America would not lead the world in illegal drug use and incarceration for drug crimes.

Drug manufacturing and distribution is too dangerous to remain in the hands of unregulated criminals. Drug distribution needs to be the combined responsibility of doctors, the government, and a legal and regulated free market. This simple step would quickly eliminate the greatest threat of violence: street-corner drug dealing.

The column's authors argue that among all the reasons for drug war reform, the most important to them is that ending America's war on its drug users means "more police officers wouldn't have to die."

LEAP is currently promoting a petition in support of a blue ribbon commission, proposed by Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), that would study drug criminalization as a means of reforming the U.S. prison system.

Sen. Webb's bill is backed by Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) and has reportedly received "quiet encouragement from President Barack Obama."
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Default Re: Cops Getting Fedup with the Drugwar Scam

I wrote an article about these guys a few years ago.... They are profesional people who have fought in the scam war against drugs for most of their lives and realise it's all for nothing.... I support them in every way...

prohabition never worked..

the only people who profit from unregulated drug trafficing are the Black OPs secret programs all funded by the opium in Afghanastan and the Cocaine in South America.... Cocaine that Mohomad Ata and his other CIA operatives were flying in through the Venice flying school.....

Oh yes I forgot... Donald Rumpsfeld made alot of money on each inmate of his privately owned prison ststem... the more kids thrown in jail for peddeling or smoking dope... the bigger his profits. were...
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