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Default Italy: +65ers may be denied flu treatment

Doesn't surprise me... and not a word in the news here!


Elderly should be low priority for antivirals, says scientist

Elderly people with swine flu should be treated as the lowest priority for antiviral drugs in a bid to preserve stocks for the younger population, according to new research.

The controversial view was published yesterday by an Italian scientist who claimed that distributing drugs such as Tamiflu to those over 65 has little effect on the spread of the infection or on mortality rates.

Age Concern said last night that older people were at high risk of complications if infected with swine flu and should receive antiviral treatment.

However, halting the prescription of the drugs for the over 65s could be the most effective way to save lives and prevent illness, the report by Stefano Merler, of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, an Italian research organisation found.

The research was carried out to establish the most effective way to distribute antivirals after it emerged that Italy has only enough Tamiflu to prescribe 12% of the population, around half of the supply recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Scotland has enough of the drug to cover 50% of the population, it was confirmed last night.

Mr Merler looked to the 1918-1919 flu pandemic, which claimed between 20 million and 40 million lives and was most lethal to those in their 30s, to offer a comparison to today's infection.

When looking at the use of antivirals during the peak of the outbreak, Mr Merler found that the mortality rate among adults of working age who were given the drugs dropped by up to 40%.

When the drugs were given to the elderly, classed as those over 65, the death rate fell by a maximum of 2.8%.

Mr Merler said: "Although a policy of age-specific prioritisation of antiviral use will be controversial ethically, it may be the most effective use of stockpiled therapies. This is of particular importance for countries where the amount stockpiled is well below the WHO's suggested level.

"Our work demonstrates that even in countries where the antiviral stockpile is not sufficient to treat 25% of the population, the minimum level suggested by the WHO, it is possible to reduce morbidity by prioritising the use of antivirals by age."

Mr Merler's suggested approach is the reverse of the policy adopted during outbreaks of normal seasonal flu, when priority is given to the over-65s.

Dr Rowland Kao, senior lecturer in animal production and public health at the University of Glasgow, said that Mr Merler's research should be considered....
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Default Re: Italy: +65ers may be denied flu treatment

They are welcome to use my vaccine on someone that wants it
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Default Re: Italy: +65ers may be denied flu treatment

There is also a story they are planning this is north America When you go in to get your shot tell them you are 68 . Don`t need to Vaccinate the older crowd they are not going to reproduce .........or are they.............. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Default Re: Italy: +65ers may be denied flu treatment

LOL they are so funny and have such a "nice" way of putting things in prespective. Gotta love their minds
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