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Cool Canada to Spend $15 million to Train Mexican Police

15 million may not seem like much now because of the way our poll-iticians and our sold out media have been desensitizing us by throwing around billions and trillions of dollars. But 15 millions in reality is lots of $$$. This of course has to do with the coming NAU though, and if you still doubt, well... so did many in Europe before their union.

Sun Aug 9, 7:55 PM

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (AFP) - Canada said Sunday that it would increase training by its Mounted Police for Mexican officers as part of a new, 15-million-dollar security program for the Americas.

The announcement came as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara for a summit overshadowed by Mexican drug violence.

"Supporting police training in Mexico is one of the most effective ways to fight organized crime and drug trafficking within Canada," said a statement from Harper's office.

Thirty-two Mexican police officers would travel to Canada for three weeks' training in the fall, while eight Spanish-speaking Royal Canadian Mounted Police instructors were currently in Mexico providing basic training to Mexican Federal Police recruits.

Canada would also provide training for 300 mid-level officers, the statement added.

With killings in suspected drug attacks in Mexico approaching 10,000 since the start of 2008, Mexican President Felipe Calderon was expected to seek more support for his controversial military crackdown on the country's warring drug gangs during the two-day summit also attend by US President Barack Obama.

The meeting came amid criticism of alleged abuses committed by some of the 40,000 soldiers deployed across the country, and reports of growing Mexican drug gang activity across the United States, Canada and beyond.

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Default Re: Canada to Spend $15 million to Train Mexican Police

They have no authority here and as such I will ignore them regardless of what they try and do . I`m sure they will be riding in cars with the RCMP and when they question you just ignore them
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