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Default New Age Disinformation

Any spiritual advice any body gives that makes you more submissive and less likely to stand up for yourself is made up B.S. Two such ideas that are popular right now are...

1. That your ego (your version of yourself, your personal identity) is somehow a side effect of being spiritually disconnected. How can you have a spiritual paradigm with out it being part of your personal identity? They would have you all believe that if you see yourself as being unique in any way that you are on the wrong path, and that you need to find a path where you only are concerned with allowing everything to happen as an observer.

There is nothing wrong with having duality integrated into your consciousness. Being aware that we are all connected while simultaniously allowing yourself to have a unique path in life where you allow yourself to have pride in your individuality is how this version of reality was designed. If you consciously give up who you truly are deep inside then you will end up being one of the sheep that is lead to slaughter.

2. That observing the differences and polarities in this world is a sign that you are spiritually disconnected.

That is made up and designed so that you will accept anything that is being done to you. This reality has duality for a reason, and the reason is not so that you can sit back and play the passive role and never help things improve for the better. The self proclaimed gurus that would have you believe this stuff are either misguided or are misleading you on purpose.

It is entirely possible to find a healthy balence between the ego and the spirit, and do not let anyone tell you that it is not.

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