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Default Spiritual Cleaning for the novice

Over a decade ago when I started falling down the rabbit hole, I had the opportunity to have a mentor that tought me a very simple technique.

This technique is designed to take care of a very prevolent spiritual problem that exists in the world today. This problem is a side effect of the consciousness of the materialistic western society many of us live in.

While intaking this information it is important to realize that there is no need to fear. This technique will empower you to no longer have to deal with these things which cause static between us and source energy.

It may seem impossible to the majority of us who rely mostly on our sensory perception of the world to believe. I can however assure you from my own experience that this is very real.

What is this problem? There are two distinct categories of disincarnate spiritual interfearance that effect many people on a day to day basis. The two categories are

1. Earthbound spirits: The lost soul of an individual who has either not accepted that they have passed, or for some other reason refuse to move on.

2. Negative Disincarnate Entities: Forms of conscious negative energy that feed off of our emotions. These can be thought forms from a result of occult practices or they can also be low frequency beings from another reality.

The Technique

With your inner voice (like preying) you say

"Angelic Forces, please take all earthbound spirits and disincarnate entities off of me and take them to where they are supposed to be"

That is all you have to do. There will be those that claim that the removal process is much more complicated than this. However, they come to this viewpoint because they have never tried it.

Why are these a result of our materialistic spiritually detached society?

Well in the case of the earthbound it is pretty strait foward. If a person is addicted to the material world and spiritually detached, then when they die they will often end up earth bound.

In the case of a disincarnate entity, the only way for them to remain in our reality is to feed off of fear consciousness. This fear based consciousness is due to an attachment to the material world. Attach any story you want to it, that is the basic fundamental reason they are a problem.

I can assure you that in heavily populated areas, these things are not rare at all. They are in fact very common, and can often cause severe mental diseases and physical diseases if left unchecked. Some people even end up depressed enough from the amplification of negative energies that the entities provide to kill themselves. This results in another earthbound.

It is a viscious cycle. If an earthbound died of some disease of the flesh, they are usually carring around the frequencies of that disease with them. People exposed to these for to long can often get phantom diseases which can eventually lead to the exact same disease manifesting in the flesh.

If you wish to help others be free of these things you can ask for assistance for that as well. Lets say you want to go to the mall, you wish to simultaniously help the people in the mall, and you also do not want one of these things attaching itself to you while you are there. Then you could say with your inner voice.

"Angelic Forces, take all earthbound spirits and disincarnate entities off of every person in this mall and the entire area inside of the mall, and take them to where they are supposed to be."

But why stop there, think bigger. How about...

"Angelic Forces, take all earthbound spirits and disincarnate entities off of everyone in the city of ______________ and the entire area inside of the city of _____________ and take them to where they are supposed to be."

It will take them more time to do larger areas. No big deal for them, they are immortal and enjoy helping us.

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