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Default Experienced Tarot Readers - Need Help With an Interpretation

Hey Everybody!

Firstly, I have to give you a little background. While I believe I've always had a pretty decent intuition, I can't reliably say that I've ever developed any unique psychic abilities. At the very most, I've been able to recognize and follow synronicity that I believe has led me to make wise choices (or at least the choices I was supposed to make).

However, this summer I learned to read the Tarot. And while I'll be the first to admit that I'm still a novice, the ability seemed to come incredibly naturally to me (maybe it's my love for Cambellian archetypes and the works of Carl Jung). Still, the first 12 readings or so I gave seemed to floor every querent I read for, and I was surprised to see what was forecasted in the cards actually come to pass. After that I kind of just stopped counting and I've been running with it ever since.

With that said, tonight I decided to do a special sort of reading. All the readings I've done previous have been for specific people, but with all that's been going on in the word recently, I wanted to see if maybe I could do something a little bigger. So I attempted to do a reading for the entire world. I focused on the coming two weeks (up until about October 10th), but who's to say the timeline really.

What came up has scared me.

I used The World from the Major Arcana as the significator, and when I finished shuffling, I made an accidental slip, and saw the first card to be Death. This frustrated me because I do not like to see what will be dealt before it is dealt, and I flung the cards in the air (literally), and then reshuffled in the most vigorous of manners.

This is why I was incredibly distressed to see that Death still resurfaced, in the second position of the Celtic Cross. Those of you who are readers will probably recognize this spread, as I believe it to be one of the more common.

I'll post a picture at the bottom of the actual spread, because I wanted you to be able to see what it looked like. I'll also give a quick rundown of each card, what I think it represents, and where I might need some advice on reading it.

The Significator: I used The World because... well... I was doing a reading for the world so I thought this would make the most sense.

Card 1: The Knight of Cups (Reversed): Trickery, swindling, fraud and lies. If this doesn't describe the current state of the world I don't know what does. It's supposed to represent a young man... maybe Obama?

Card 2: Death (Upright): The fact that the trickery and lies would bring about this card shook me greatly. I knew, after seeing the card on top in my previous shuffle that the likelihood of this emerging was slim to none. That's why it scared me. I feel that the trickery and deceit brought about by the Knight of Cups reversed will lead to much pain and suffering. And while I generally refer to Death as the "red pill" i.e. a paradigm shift, I feel that the cards that followed don't paint a pretty picture of the Brave New World.

Card 3: Justice (Reversed): Martial Law anyone?

Card 4: The King of Pentacles (Reversed): A dangerous man, probably in the field of business. Doubt, weakness, fear and despair. This could be any number of the CEOs on Wallstreet right now.

Card 5: The Hanged Man (Upright): Self Sacrifice? In our past? This is one that give me trouble. I generally see this as a favorable card leading to some sort of enlightenment, but given the nature of the face cards in the reading, perhaps it has to do with what they feel they've sacrifices?

Card 6: The King of Swords (Upright): A man of power and authority, potentially harmful. Seeing as how a card in this position is supposed to represent what is before the querent, If Obama was represented by the reversed Knight of Cups, maybe he turns into a King of Swords?

Card 7: Five of Pentacles (Upright): This is a warning of financial dangers. With Wall Street in the state that it's in, I think this is fairly straighforward.

Card 8: The High Priestess (Upright): Another card I have trouble reading. She's supposed to represent divine wisdom and enlightenment, an understanding of the reason things work as they do. Since this position is called "The House" and defines the querent's surroundings, perhaps it's referring to people like us, who are waking up to the real world around us?

Card 9: The King of Cups (Reversed): While I'm not too sure how to read this in the position that it's in, the King of Cups reversed represents a deceitful man who cannot be trusted; injustice, vice and scandal. I think that's a good representation of Washington right now.

Card 10: The Seven of Pentacle (Upright): This is the most frustrating card! It's supposed to represent the outcome, but the Seven of Coins represents success and financial gain! How could this have anything to do with the rest of the reading? This is the card I need the most help on, because it doesn't seem to correspond with the rest of the reading.

Any insight you might be able to give on this reading would be greatly appreciated. I'm not saying I'm predicting the future here, but the Tarot has been good to me, and I've come to trust what it has to say, or at least to take it into account.

So if you have any experience, or particular insight, please don't hesitate to speak up! I'll attached a jpeg image of the reading at the bottom. I don't know if it'll do any good, but I figure the more information the better.

Thank you for your insight,

- J
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