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Default Tobias Stucco® Interior Wall Finish

Auyveda Essence Painting. Non toxic, water based paint. The site explains how color combinations create a more spiritual environment.

Tobias Stucco® Interior Wall Finish
is an environmentally safe trowelled on wall finish that meets the criteria for the conscientious design and building professional. A non-toxic, odor free, mold & fade resistant mixture with a VOC of 1, Tobias Stucco is a sumptuous alternative to paint or plaster and when applied with various techniques can achieve a variety of exquisite textures.

Relying on the inexhaustible color palette of its creator, artist, Randolph Johnson, Tobias Stucco touts a broad spectrum of multi~pigmented shades. Designed for the professional plastering contractor, Tobias Stucco creates a warm environment that conjures a subtle structural strength. Easily applied to most building substrates, Tobias Stucco’s single component mixture requires minimal preparation.

The most innovative wallcovering introduced in this country in the last 50 years JaDecor combines elegance, sophistication, and versatility not found in any other wall treatment or covering. JaDecor Wallcovering has been certified by the renowned Institute for Baubiologe in Rosenheim Germany. The IBR is considered the Gold standard for testing safe and healthy building products.

JaDecor is a patented mixture of natural fibers and minerals in a high- density composition that is troweled on the wall. In 1972 the development of JaDecor was initiated.The search for materials of the highest quality and beauty was extensive. The proper combination of cotton, plant fibers, and minerals integrated in a sophisticated production process was 10 years in development.
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Default Re: Tobias Stucco® Interior Wall Finish

Carol, Those web sites were beautiful and very informative. Thank you. It is hard to find products that can produce beauty and be safe, as well.

I'd like to invite our members to visit the sites below. If we must live through stressful times, may it be done as easefully as possible. Lazure is a Rudolf Steiner inspired technique to assist in maintaining spiritual balance in whatever you are engaged in. Should we have the good fortune to have a stable environment which we can decorate, please consider this manner of bringing beauty within the home.

I sent my children to a Waldorf School. They use this form of color to aid and support the children. It is easy and I helped paint several rooms.

The first link has amazing photos of finished rooms in commercial, educational, and homes. Other places, as well. The rest of this site can fill you in on the many aspects of Lazuring. The second link has a brief article, just an overview. plus a link to the authors web page. Lots of info via Goggle. I have no connection to either of the links.



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Default Re: Tobias Stucco® Interior Wall Finish

Let me know and I'll give you a quote and have my crew install it.

Central Virginia only please.
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