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Default use common sense people!!

It needs to be said if not once already then again and again, so I will say it again: Avoid going to a place of fear! by all means be prepared, be also use common sense! Most Americans are so ill prepared simply by the fact they are so "dependent" on fast food, and name brand labels, and their cars,instant communications and all the electronic gizmos.Big business has made most Americans dependent on someone else to do the everyday things, and have little clue how to do without. I certainlly don't mean to offend anyone ,just being very clear here.
One simple and obivious way to prepare is to look around and get rid of what you don't need, start fixing your own meals insted of getting prepakaged stuff or always hitting the fast food restraunts, become familar with local medicinal herbs and how to make tinctures, educate yourself on being more self sufficent, walk more, increase your physical stamina!!! Learn a "skill" that may seem antiquited, but helpful if all modern methods are useless. Begin to simplfy your life. It's much easier then you may think.Recognize how you can reuse things/recylce. Be still and get in touch with your inner voice. Slow down!! Be aware.
I posted the below in a couple other spots here, but feel it is worth it to post it here as well;

There is allot going on in our world right now. Change is in the air big time. We may not always appear to be in control of what goes on around us, but we are always in control of ourselves and how we react/respond to any given situation. It is always best to avoid going to a place of fear when any change arrives. Fear has this tendency of basically sucking the life right out of you, and that is not a good thing.
Change is consent, change is a given, change is not a bad thing, it means growth, and movement forward. If there is no change, if there is no growth, we become stagnant, toxic, and die.
It is always prudent to be prepared for any change, it is always in our best interest to be aware, better yet to be awake. What does it mean to be aware?
awareness, conscious awareness requires that we are not on "auto pilot"! So often people just go though the day, not really being aware of their surrounding energies or the environment around them. They are not present in the moment, they have no clue, because they are rushing off to worry about some future event which has not occurred or
falling back into the past to try to fix or resolve an event that cannot be changed.
Being prepared for any event, and being strong in your personal power, by not going to a place of fear, is prudent. Coming from a place of a loving heart in any situation is the highest course of action. There will be change. That is a given, how we react to it will determine the outcome for us. When we have done our shadow work, when we come from a loving heart, when we can stand strong in our personal power and not give it away, not go to a place of fear.
Then we can look at any given situation and see it from a bigger picture and a larger/broader perspective, larger perception and see the pure potentiality in it with love, that is powerful. Suppose we were to do that as a group, imagine what we could create!!! Sometimes the path does not always seem so clear before us.. when that happens, stop, take a deep breath in through your heart center and listen to your heart, listen to your higher being... follow your heart. Follow love. When we come from love, it's the best path.

Warm Hugs of Love, Earthdeva © 2008

"I flow with the rhythm of life.'
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Default Re: use common sense people!!

Interesting advice from someone who places a copyright notice on all their posts.

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Default Re: use common sense people!!

Originally Posted by arcora View Post
Interesting advice from someone who places a copyright notice on all their posts.

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