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Old 04-24-2009, 10:17 PM   #1
Jacqui D
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Default Indoctrination, not education!

I found this snippet on a say anything blog regarding a survey taken in the USA, hm! interesting poll, i wonder if the percentage would be the same if it were taken in the UK.
Are we causing harm to our kids thought patterns could be what do you think?

One In Three Children Think Earth Will Be Destroyed Before They Grow Up

And why wouldn’t they given the environmental hysteria they’re indoctrinated with on a daily basis.

There’s a new bogeyman lurking in the closet, and this one isn’t imaginary. Us. One out of three children aged 6 to 11 fears that Ma Earth won’t exist when they grow up, while more than half—56 percent—worry that the planet will be a blasted heath (or at least a very unpleasant place to live), according to a new survey.

Commissioned by Habitat Heroes and conducted by Opinion Research, the telephone survey polled a national sample of 500 American preteens—250 males and 250 females.

On a sliding scale of anxieties, minority kids have it worst; 75 percent of black children and 65 percent of Hispanic children believe that the planet will be irrevocably damaged by the time they reach adulthood.

What I wonder is this: What happens when these kids grow up and find out that for all these years the hysteria about the environment and global warming they’ve been sold on has been complete bunk. That there was never ever really a need to be scared?

That could lead a backlash the environmentalists aren’t going to like.

Of course, there’s not really anything wrong with teaching kids that pollution is wrong. I don’t think anyone, regardless of their views on global warming, wants to live in a place that’s dirty and polluted. But we’ve gone beyond that. We’re scaring the kids now. And I think the liberals are doing it because they want these kids to grow up to be good little liberal activists who don’t even think about why they’re scared about global warming, but just feel scared.

Indoctrination, not education.
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Old 04-24-2009, 10:27 PM   #2
no caste
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Default Re: Indoctrination, not education!

Hi Jacqui D -

I don't know how many times I have heard well-meaning people say, "You've GOT to get them when they're young." It actually makes me feel sad, maybe a bit sick! So many messages crammed into the heads of kids. I kind of like the 3Rs approach to education/school, with lots of home love.

If a school has a recycling program, I'd think that would do it.

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Jacqui D
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Default Re: Indoctrination, not education!

Yes in many ways we can learn a lot from our kids.
We are just indoctrinating them with our thought patterns and sometimes missing the point that these children coming through today may just be our saviours.
We should listen and learn, many old terms like "You should be seen and not heard" just sends shivers down my spine. As a kid we were always told this purely to keep us quiet i know but there are kids out there with a lot of understanding and future hope, less indoctrination that's what i say.
I'm not against chastising when a child needs it but this whole WE KNOW BEST attitide of far to many adults sometimes causes more damage than they really know.
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Old 04-24-2009, 10:59 PM   #4
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Default Re: Indoctrination, not education!

A child just needs direction, not indoctrination in my opinion. Of course, as adults we have to teach skills to our younger ones to make sure they are equipped with enough tools to cope with the ferocious battle field that is life.

However, this modern idea of schooling is in my opinion destructive, not instructive.

My niece home schools her two little girls (twins) - they are 9, and the teachers whom are tasked with their exams have said that they are at the same level now at 9 that they would expect to see in 15 year olds.

They speak Spanish and French, are musical, and love the outdoors - my niece though was hounded out of her home and took the twins abroad rather than be forced to have to send them to school, and I along with the rest of the extended family chipped in to get them settled.

Two nicer, more polite and socialable little girls you could never meet.
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