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Thumbs up Time to take off the Rose Tinted Spectacles!!

Greetings Avalonians........

In my parting farewell to you (not that I posted that much so most of you don't know me) but I watch you all alot and over the months I've been keener on some than on others, not that I don't find all of you, well......like me (and that can only be a good thing .)

Anyways, I feel the need to make one point before I go off into the yonder, and that is that the people on this forum who wear the proverbial "Rose Tinted Spectacles" so need to remove them. All the Happy Hippys that think things are all gonna be just peachy by spreading good will and "the love vibes maaaan" to all men...........wakey wakey!!

No-matter what form they come in, coming events are not gonna be nice, they are gonna be daunting and they are gonna test you to the limit.

If you all wanna move up, then you're gonna have to prove your worth......
Do you honestly think you will attain anything without some sweat and hard work??

No doubt, I will be called a Fear-Monger etc. etc. bla bla........but make no mistake about it, you are in the birth pangs of a Galatic Revolution, things seem peachy now, oh wait, just wait!!

However, not to take away from the Happy Hippys, for I know their hearts, we are light at our cores, and those on this forum are shining just a wee bit brighter than the rest.

Fine, if we were, where we were meant to be, but here in all this lumpy, bumpy, hard stuff, you must take on board the merrits of it's physics, protons and neutrons constantly looking to find their balance. Those of you who are overly positive or overly negitive will upset the balance for the rest.

These are "dark times" and a battle will have to be fought. You will have to choose whether you are going to allow the tyranny to continue??

Fact: you can stop the "bad guys" in one day....... Clue: "All we have, is our refusal." In the physical world you must do physical things, you own the cities and all government property because you paid for them with your taxes. Go and make claim to them..........

When, you, the people, all the people, have made that choice, then we can get on with Convergence. Get out and plant the seeds in all the other heads that you know, that think you're a Wack-job. Now is the time, they will listen........because they will start to see it with their own eyes.

I have no doubt what-so-ever that the end result will be, well, unimaginablely wonderful for us all but now is the hard part, time to work it out and work it through to its conclusion..........I hope you all find the courage, strength and discipline that you will need.

Be humble.........be well, c u soon!!

Self-Sacrifice = Instant Access!! Don't be scared to give your life for another, for it is true, you will not die..........
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Default Re: Time to take off the Rose Tinted Spectacles!!

Well said! The physical doers are few and far between. Most people have their energy in the ether in a meticulous delusion of enlightenment and the other are paralyzed and disasociative. Its amazing to me how many people speak on this type of logic but there are so many who cannot reason the obvious. I fear the technology of ELF and scalar waves to brain wash the people is in full effect. The eugenicists spoke of it specifically Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages : America's Role in the Technetronic Era. Here is his quote, "The post-industrial society is becoming a “technetronic” society: a society that is shaped culturally, psychologically, socially, and economically by the impact of technology and electronics—particularly in the area of computers and communications."

Good Luck & Godspeed
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Default Re: Time to take off the Rose Tinted Spectacles!!

100% with you, good luck and take care.
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Default Re: Time to take off the Rose Tinted Spectacles!!

I went by a wireless phone center the other day. It was packed with kids trying to get the latest deal and tech upgrade. Thinking that this eugenic tech is to disrupt brain wave activity, help programming and cause lesions in the brain. What a world...
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