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Ross H
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Default Re: The story of the Greys - Who, what, when, where, how, why?

Ortho: I don't know what to really believe. I am playing along with various ideas, claims, and views...but I really don't know. I'm sort of treating all of this as science fiction which could be very real. I'm just trying to think through as many possibilities as possible.

Wise man.

Thought process is creation in it self. wether programmed, intuitive, or otherwise, so, it's possible, 'whatever possibilities one can think through' could all be possible.

Intersting possibility...
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Default Re: The story of the Greys - Who, what, when, where, how, why?

What a nice thread here...just found enought time to read all your posts.

The whole "story" here...might be true...might. I don't know. I know however something else...and this knowledge is comming from my heart, not from my mind:

I know that the human(s), in his full power, in a state of a high vibrational level, don't need any technology to accomplish "miracles" like described (timetravell, cloning, UFO, etc).

Using technology to accomplish these things is IMO the reverse process of the creation itself. Technology IS actually a part of the creation.

So why use a subcreational powers to create????

Where I was heading to: If the Greys are really the debris of the humans, and according to the presentation above they heavily used technology to develop their powers, it is no wonder that they might have some problems in the future! You just can't trick the creator(s). You simply can't.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not offending any opinion here...I'm just trying to express my felings about this matter. And I might be wrong too

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