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Default Hollywood Squared = music and visual combined. ala pink floyd + wizard of oz

Hey all. So first off do you believe that the Dark Side of the Moon record from pink floyd was actually recorded or engineered with the intent of making it synchronize to the film The Wizard of Oz ?

Personally I think that the coincidences between the film and the record are marginal. It could have been but it is really not so impressive. There is something to it however.

In the early part of this decade around 2000 I had a mind bending experience where I put a CD on in the living room of my house. At the same time the movie

(not revealing the movie or the record until more research is done and corroborated with my initial experience) was playing. It is important to note that the movie was already underway. I put in a CD from a well known rock band and skipped ahead to track 4 or 5. Within a couple of minutes very strange things started to happen. I noticed that the music was complementing the music to a degree that is just unreal. It is comparable to the pink floyd/ Oz thing but to the tenth degree. I remember thinking that "holy smokes man this is unbelievable, and undeniable!" And rest assured that I was not on drugs of any sort. At that time I smoked cannabis a couple of times a month and would drink several times a year at parties. Other than that I was not into any drugs especially not psychedelics, which can definitely add to things like this. Drugs were not a factor. If I remember correctly I had just gotten home from junior college classes and was getting ready to do some homework to music.

I pondered this instance for years. It was real, it was synchronized and to be truthful I can see why the music and the film would have been linked together. When I reveal what record it was and what movie it was I think that a lot of you will say "That makes sense."

So right now I am asking you to point me to some cheap or free software that can be used to synchronize music and movies. Maybe a soundtrack software program would do the trick. I need to do it again in controlled conditions and verify it. The thing is that it was so real when it happened it left no room for doubt what was occurring. Even if it means nothing and is the biggest coincidence ever the synchronization was dead on. So I kind of got scared straight like the time I tried remote viewing. Holy smokes! yea it is real, move on to preserve my sanity.

I want to repeat the experience to show that it was real and valid and then we can start figuring out what it means if anything.
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