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Default Dégénerations (De-generations)

A great Quebec band, fuses new and old styles very well...

And their message hits home..

Your great-great grandfather cleared the earth
Your great-grandfather laboured on the earth
Your grandfather turned a profit from the earth
Then your father sold the earth to become a bureaucrat

Now you, my little man, you don’t know what to do
In your little 3 room apartment - too expensive and cold in the winter
You want something to call your own
And you dream at night of having your own little piece of land.

Your great great grandmother, she had 14 kids
Your great grandmother had almost as many
Then your grandmother had three, that was enough for her
Your mom didn’t want any, you were an accident

Now you, my little lady, change partners all the time
When you screw up you save yourself by aborting
But there are mornings you awake crying
When you dream in the night of a large table surrounded by little ones.

Your great great grandfather lived through the great depression
Your great grandfather collected pennies
Then your grandfather became a millionaire
Your father inherited and put it into RRSPs

Now you, my little youth, owe your a$$ to the government
No way to get a loan from a financial institution
To alleviate your desire to hold up a bank and the cashier
You read books about voluntary simplicity

Your great great grandparents knew how to celebrate
Your great grandparent danced the night away
Your grandparents lived through the Rock and Roll era
Your parents, it was discos, that’s where they met

Now you, my friend, what are you doing with your evening?
Turn off your TV, can’t stay locked inside
Happily, some things in life never change
Put on your best, we’re going out tonight dancing!

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Default Re: Dégénerations (De-generations)

Opps video doesnt work in USA...trying to find new one...sowwy

Fixed it!!!

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Default Re: Dégénerations (De-generations)


First half, as pretty as the studio version...

2nd half KICKS BUTT!!
"Life IS mystical! It's just that we're used to it"

Evil cannot be killed. Only redeemed.

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