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Default Re: Sex robot Roxxy

i get the sense, that most people, look down on someone who would want a sex robot...i find that perplexing ..and somewhat sad...

What works for one, does not always work for another..

The variety in the human experience is the spice of life
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Default Re: Sex robot Roxxy

Mmm... nice lines !

P.S. I bet we'd probably best not even go near the subject of automated mechanical pleasures...as some people's alternative to real love...

I personally can't understand why some women would use vibrators...instead of something real. But that doesn't make it wrong to use one...is that cheating? Like cheating by using a robot? it just wouldn't be what I'd think of doing. But then I'm not a woman, I'm not in that situation, so my understanding is limited. Maybe it's the same for Robbie the Robot. If I was in the situation of someone contemplating buying one, the reasons would probably be obvious to me.

I agree with Celine... and I think judging others for being sad or quirky or even downright misled is only loading up the scale in the other direction. I do it myself of course. All the time. In 2010 I'm going to try my hardest to understand what I dislike and embrace it. Unity here we come

Not that I'm judging anyone here mind... Crikey, this is hard, isn't it ?! lol....

I love you all, robots and all apparati.

I'd say though, (Kula Sings...)

"Ain't nothing like the real thing Baby... ain't nothin'.... "


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