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Default ....."The Unexplained Explored" with psychic test.

November 16, 2008 Ian Brockwell

It is in our nature to question that which we do not understand and to explore the things that can not be explained, at least not in a scientific way.

Iīm sure there are many, just like me, who share the belief that scientists donīt get it right every time. Just because something can not be proven, does not mean it does not exist.

Letīs take ESP (Extrasensory Perception) for example, can some people read minds? In tests carried out by "experts", there is no scientific proof to support the claims, yet I have seen proof with my own eyes that it is possible.

Can we dream of future events? Again, according to research, no we canīt. However, I have experienced these myself (as have many others), so they are real. I canīt explain how it is possible, only that it is.

Mysteries such as these were the motivation for my latest book "The Unexplained Explored" and I have included many of the traditional subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Déjā vu, Dowsing, ESP, Occult, Ghosts and Ouija boards.

There are of course many new (recent) mysteries that are also interesting to look at, not all are connected to paranormal events, for example: Crop Circles, Hypnosis, Chemtrails, Planet X, Reverse Speech, Roswell, UFOs and 9/11.

Each category in the book offers an explanation of the subject and provides the views of opposing sides. In many cases I have offered my own opinions and theories, some of which are based on my own experiences.

"Is there life after death?" is a question often asked (especially by those who will find out sooner than others) and I believe I have a possible answer. My theory is based on a mixture of science and logic, but I believe it might be possible, although not in the way most people expect.

The purpose of the book is to be informative, but at the same time give the reader an opportunity to consider alternative possibilities, so that they can add these to their own thoughts and maybe discover an answer to the mysteries? I certainly donīt have all the answers, but maybe the book will help others to obtain them.

It is for this reason that I have revealed "half" of the secret in obtaining future dreams. The information I have provided will help some of you to obtain visions of the future, but there is still an unknown factor missing which makes the process unpredictable. It is my hope that someone else might discover the "missing" part, and will probably become rich and famous if they do! If you should succeed, remember who solved the first half of the problem for you.

Something called "Remote Viewing" has become quite popular recently and is something that the intelligence services have shown an interest in. However, recent research has suggested that there is no proof to support its claim of success.

Despite its "new" name, Remote Viewing is better known as ESP and is an attempt to collect information about a far off or unseen target.

Are you Psychic? Do you have extra-sensory perception? Letīs put that to the test. In the box below there is a hidden picture that contains 10 different objects. Clear your mind and concentrate on the images that come to mind. They may appear as just shapes and quite vague, but write down as many things as you can. When you are ready, click on the box and a new window will open revealing the 10 images. Give yourself one point for each image you identify correctly (does not have to be exactly the same). If you get 2-3 right, it was probably just luck. But the higher the score, the more likely you are psychic. If you get all 10 correct, send me an email and let me know what shares are going to increase the most next month!

click on link above to try the test.
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Default Re: ....."The Unexplained Explored" with psychic test.


i only got 7

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Default Re: ....."The Unexplained Explored" with psychic test.

I suprised myself by getting 1/2 of them correct! Shweet! Kind of an entertaining little thing.

Thanks for sharing!
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