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Default In the light of "Allies of Humanity"

The following personal thought is created in the light of "Allies of Humanity" book 1 and 2 from Marshall Vian Summers, his site: http://www.newmessage.org/

There is a danger in taking Freedom as granted. Many cultures have experienced different level/kind of Freedom. Many have experienced the lost of it. Native American is one example among several.

Today, with the alien intervention going on in our world, we Hu-mans are the native. Disorganized, disunited, our leaders accepting mirrors and trinkets in exchange for Human DNA, interbreeding and biological/mineral resources. And so far, the Intervention has not encountered a definite opposition to their well committed plan.

The aliens (greys, and the rest of the collective counting several races) have one goal: Persuading Humanity of their sovereignty over planet Earth and the Human nation. They create many global problems in almost complete discretion and will bring the solutions in the open for all to recognized them as true helpers.

According to "Allies of Humanity" book two by Marshal Vian Summers, quote: "Understand that if you feel weak and helpless and overwhelmed, part of this feeling comes from the Intervention itself. Here you must gain great confidence in the inherent goodness of humanity and recognize the real value of your freedom." End of the quote.

Our true Allies do not intervene in human affairs. Question everything. Many channeled message foreseeing doom and gloom, being it "new agers" or religious have great probabilities of being created by the "collective" intervening in our world. Many witnesses or "contactees" have experienced the mental manipulation of the alien Intervention. They are not a military power, but rather an economic/resource power. They are not invincible and they have to obey certain rules preponderant in our galactic region. They can not invade by force. So, they have to use deception and persuasion.

Everyone who has experienced contacts with aliens must consider this. Even the Mayans, the governments, or the "channelers". When the message results produce feelings of weakness, overwhelmed, helpless, predicting huge catastrophes on Earth, we have the duty to question it all with discernment.

Up to now, we have polar shift, nuclear/neutron war, population reduction, mental manipulation of the masses, Nibiru "the destroyer" coming back with it's "end of the world reputation", etc... just to name a few... I'm asking myself; "Is this possible that all these doom and gloom comes to be true?" There must be some manipulation among them. What if these information are created by the Intervention itself with the purpose to create panic and confusion, two important components before the real controllers brings a New Order.

Even the Human controlling Elite is being manipulated like puppets. The aliens intervening wants us to put all the blame on them, to convince us further more of their good intention. Helping us to get rid off all these powerful Humans maintaining an "eagle grasp" on Earth and Humanity. Without being totally wrong, these aliens are seducing many to see them as helpers.

It is hard to see the deception being used in the middle of a stream of information. The truth lies somewhere in it. But one day, sooner or later, some Human/alien group will come in the open to propose us an alliance. Where they and their technology, will help us secure our future, because alone, we can not do it, they will pretend. Of course, not mentioning they are the prime responsible for many wars, terrors, destructive way of life, being for so many years behind the Human Elite.

If their plan succeed, generation after generation Human family will get deeper into an alien collective where personal freedom simply doesn't exist. And they really think they are helping and doing us a great favor.

The good news is that we have awakening and growing awareness toward the Universal Laws. We have Knowledge inside of us and this will unite us all together to make one people, the Human nation., hehe.

I recognize all of you my brothers and sisters to be bearer of Light, Steven

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Default Re: In the light of "Allies of Humanity"

So I join my voice to the ones who are conscious of this manipulation perpetrated on humanity. By an alliance of many alien races with the purpose to integrate us little by little into their collective.

Since silence is being seen as an acceptation of the situation, for the future of mother Earth and humanity, for the future of my children, for the ones who had been unwillingly abducted, for the wake up of our government/military/scientist/religious leadership, I raise my voice to clearly say that I am not accepting the alien Intervention on Earth, the abduction, the interbreeding with human people, the stealing of our resources, the manipulation of our leaders.

It is secretive, polluted, and ill intentioned regarding Freewill. I ask the Angels, the true Allies of Humanity in Milky Way and all of you my brothers and sisters to make the best of what you can do to wake us all up. I dream of a Human society united and respectful of the freewill of all.

This is a mind game, our mind is a tool and it may serves a Greater Knowledge. In stillness our mind can access true Knowledge and ours to let it grow/experienced up to Wisdom.

RAHN, Steven

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