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Default America's Stonehenge

Hey everybody! This is my first draft to my article on America's Stonehenge involving some archeology and personal experience thrown in. Only the first two parts are written, and there will most likely be two more parts. One part to come will involve my actual visit to the site and what will come of it. I am going to see if I might be able to go sometime this week being it is only an hour away, otherwise the winter solstice sounds like a great time to go! Maybe we could get a bunch of us to go on the solstice. The last part will discuss the underlying mythology, history, and geography in New England and it's place as a 'safe zone' in the times to come.

Any help with more information/corrections/suggestions would be absolutely great. Enjoy!


America's Stonehenge
By Gregor Arturo Clary
November 21, 2008

The Ancients in my own Backyard
Last week, my close friend Kieth gave me a call about a girl from Massachusetts that he had met online who wanted to buy land in Northern Maine to setup a possible self-sustained community, and if I was interested in meeting her. However, it seemed like things fell through and the meeting never occurred.

A couple days ago, my intuition told me to go check out Craigslist on the Internet. This happened the first time a month ago, in which I found an ad in the Strictly Platonic section from a girl in Ohio, who decided to post an ad in Maine looking to meet the philosophical and artistic intellectual who she could enjoy conversing with. She had gone to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, Maine this last September, and thought the people in my home state were of an admirable quality. Out of her responses to her post, she found mine to be “the only one worthwhile and exactly the type of person I was looking for if not more.” Since then, Nicole and I have had very enlightening conversations, and I have even helped her out with a major issue with the book she was writing through the means of remote viewing. I had received a metaphorical vision that addressed her problem, and pushed her in the right direction.

Anyways, this time I checked out Craigslist I found an ad I believed that was the same girl that Kieth had been talking to. I decided to send her an email on the hunch that maybe Kieth had scarred off, being he is quite the eccentric and overwhelming for the average individual. She replied within a few hours, and we exchanged a couple more emails with each other. She ended up calling me last night unexpectedly, "Hey, the main reason I'm calling is, you were hinting at something and well it is driving me nuts in what exactly are you implying by it?" I was surprised she had picked up on it, because it was a very indirect 'hint' that most people would of easily missed. It made me think she is capable of reading in between the lines, especially in the psychic sense.

I didn't jump right into what I had meant, but after a little bit more of conversation I just threw out those infamous four numbers: 2012. She knew of it, but said she was all on board with prophecies. Juliana was a very spiritually adept young lady, and was familiar with some of the topics you could say. As usual I presented her with the concept of universal truth and the infinite boundaries of reality. Eventually, I branched out into everything from ancient history into contemporary society. She was absolutely intrigued with the conversation and it ended up being a four hour lecture for the most part. Anyways, it was more of myself sharing my experiences and information, even though she shared her own personal spiritual experiences too. Up to the past few years, she had had a really wild ride.

Toward the very end of the conversation, she inquired, "Hey, do you know of American Stonehenge?" I obviously was not familiar and mentioned the Georgia Guidestones which she was also familiar with. "No, this is different. It's located in Salem, New Hampshire and it's all astronomically aligned perfectly." She kept going on and I was intrigued with it for the most part. Then she threw out the magical fact. "It's dated to over 4,000 years old."

I wish you all could of seen my face and watch me jump out of my seat when I heard this. To let you know, New England archeology is a big part of my major at the moment and sites that are more than 1,500 years old are pretty rare and very primitive. England's Stonehenge is dated roughly between 2,500 and 2,200 BC, so this is for the most part the same time period. I felt like I was just handed a major piece of the puzzle.

She began to tell me of her experience there when she went a couple years ago with her boyfriend at the time. She said she felt really disappointed in their being so many people there, and wished that all the tourists had just left as 'it was was ruining the vibe'. Moments after her thinking this, it began to rain and turn into a thunderstorm. Everyone left except for her and her boyfriend. Juliana then took a seat on a large monolith stone, and began to enter a state she said that was somewhat strange and new to her. She noticed an aura around her boyfriend and said it was absolutely beautiful. Overall, her experience was very unique and enlightening, with the hopes of returning again someday.

What we both realized before her phone died as [as it was a very long conversation], that the purpose of this phone conversation wasn't for me just to help her out with her next major decision [in moving to Maine or North Carolina], but to introduce me to this very important piece of information.

Right after the conversation, I began doing extensive research on the subject.

To add to the synchronicity of the moment, a couple days before this conversation during a remote viewing session, I very clearly saw Stonehenge, the one we all are familiar with from Amesbury, England. This is the second time I have seen Stonehenge in a vision. The first one involved Stonehenge being absolutely complete and perfect while radiating in light as bright as the sun. Five days after that vision, my grandmother had given me a book on Stonehenge that she had snatched from a library that was tossing it. It was my first book ever on the ancient site. This new vision, it seemed to be more degradated or maybe incomplete (as in it was being built), however, it wasn't as dreamlike and instead was much more realistic looking. There were tons of random snapshots of the monument from off in the distance and it looked like there was some kind of construction going on with elevated gangways and such. The vision concluded with an extreme close up with someone climbing a ladder resting against one of the monoliths and then painting the top lintel with white paint. My higher self confirmed it during the vision, “It is Stonehenge.” I also visited the site when I was twelve. I remember most, like with Juliana, how disappointed I was by the ridiculous amount of tourists there and also the construction around the site.

Summer Solstice Stone

Unforeseen Archeology
America's Stonehenge is located about forty miles north of Boston across the Massachusetts border in Salem, New Hampshire. Mystery Hill in which it is located on first saw inhabitants on it around 10,000 BC which would be the same era as when Atlantis supposedly went under and also the retreating of the glaciers in the Northeast. The glaciers from the last ice age carved up most of New England creating rocky valleys littered with igneous rock, primarily granite. All of the stones the form the site were locally quarried and consist mainly of granite which as mainly of you know tends to be roughly sixty percent quartz. In all, there are over 350 megalithic sites in New England.

What is known today as 'America's Stonehenge' was constructed by an unknown group that has been speculated to of been either a lost civilization, Native Americans, Celts, Phoenicians, or even Irish monks. The main site covers over twelve acres on top of a hill, but encompasses a total area of thirty acres with scattered stones on the outcroppings of the site. There is another eighty acres apart of the property, and none of it has been explored thoroughly. Initial radiocarbon dating in the 1970's on charcoal from the site dated different features around the hill from 2,000 to 3,000 years. That date has since been pushed back to over 4,000 years ago. Charcoal has been found immersed in between the walls that have had various dates between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago.

Many archaeologists question the validity of the site in how old it may be and contend that it was constructed in modern times by colonists, either in the 18th or 19th century. At the center of the site, there is a large central block of granite that is considered by many to be a sacrificial table. Some archaeologists argue that this stone seems familiar with that of cider presses found in the Northeast, and that where it is noted that the blood would of drained, some say was actually for lye as it could have been used to make soap. It seems unlikely in my opinion that colonists moved a 4.5 ton slab of granite, which they would have also had to of carved for these activities. It is absolutely possible though.

However, carbon dating for a tree that was growing through one of the monoliths was dated to 1690 plus or minus forty-five years. This evidence alone should discredit any of the archaeologists theories of recent origins, specifically from colonial America.

What I believe the archaeologists underplayed in terms of authenticity was a tablet found by marine biologist Dr. Barry Fell in 1975. Fell, who was also an epigrapher, translated the stone revealing it was a dedication to the Canaanite god Ba'al and was written in Iberian Punic script. The most logical creators of the tablet Fell felt would of been the Phoenicians. Fell also discovered another tablet which was inscribed with Ogham script, a dialect associated with the Celts. This tablet sited the Celtic god Bel, who is directly related with Ba'al. Several other stones with inscriptions have been including even the Roman numerals 'XXXVIIII LA'. Fell interpreted this as 'Day 39' which referred the Celtic festival of Beltane. Fell's conclusion with the site was “that ancient Celts had built the New England megalithic chambers and Phoenician mariners were welcome visitors.” Some of the megalithic construction has also been compared extensively with that in Malta due to their similarities.

In 1998, Louis Winkler, a professor of astronomy conducted a survey of the site on the stone alignments. It was discovered that not only does the site contain solar and lunar alignments [as previously known], but that is also contains stellar alignments. Mystery Hill has over 200 astronomical alignments with the moon and 45 with different stars. There are several walls also on the site that line up with other astronomical events, including the exact point for geographical south. America's Stonehenge was not erected by a primitive culture, especially in terms of what contemporary archaeologists consider was present in New England at the time. Archaeo-astronomer Byron Dix who has studied many megalithic sites in New England commented, “There are some 105 astronomically aligned chambers in Massachusetts, 51 in New Hampshire, 41 in Vermont, 62 in Connecticut, 12 in Rhode Island, and 4 in Maine.” The phenomenon is indeed not local to Mystery Hill [or for that matter, the entire world].

Archaeological sites before 1,500 AD tend in the New England tend to only contain simple artifacts such as arrow heads, spear points, pottery fragments, and basic stone tools. Archaeologists are lucky to find burials with skeletons and jewelry in them dated from these older periods. Between 2,000 years ago to the time of the first settlers, the area was considered to be most active in terms of settlement, specifically by the Pawtuckets, the Agawam, and the Pentuckets, who are apart of a large group of people known as the Pennacook. They were also considered very closely related to the Abneki who were also natives of New Hampshire and portions of Western Maine. Some sites in New England involve stones weighing 30 to 90 tons placed perfectly into positions to form the roofs of structures called dolmens. The archaeological remnants of a wigwam were found near the present day location of the visitor center and was dated to 2,000 years ago.

As seen in the picture above, pathways have been cleared [in modern times] to reveal the outer stones and their alignments. Two of the outer stones are aligned perfectly with the winter and summer solstices. The majority of the outer alignment stones are standing upright consisting of three to six feet in height. At the center point of the alignment stones is the main site which consists of three quarters of an acre being formed mostly of stone walls. There are a couple short tunnels that form a 'T' and small little niche that one can crawl into at the intersection. What is believed to be a fourteen foot monolith stone was found in the late nineties knocked over and fractured into four pieces. The largest stone on the site weighs eleven tons, however, I do not believe this is in reference to the previously mentioned monolith.

There are two wells that have also been discovered on the site, but one has never been fully excavated due to the water level. The other well though is known as the “Well of Crystals” as a quartz crystal vein was discovered in it located 22 feet below the bed rock.

Sadly enough, the site had badly damaged as the original land owner had built a house upon the site with the stone masonry as his foundation in 1734. By the mid 1800's the house had burnt down, and a significant amount of stone had been removed for other stone projects by the landowner and locals.

Even though the site was renamed from Mystery Hill [and before that Pattee's Caves] to America's Stonehenge in 1982, the name seems very appropriate as the time period for its construction, its possible Celtic origins, and its use as an astronomical calendar. Even the Georgia Guidestones I feel do not deserve such a name, as some call it the 'American Stonehenge', as the monument was made only in the past several decades by modern machinery [but alas also by unknown architects].

Hopefully my research with torsion field theory and acoustic levitation will shed some [scientific] light on how these beautiful monoliths on all corners of the globes were actually constructed by the ancients. I would love to finally lay to the rest mainstream archaeological notion of the ancients' supreme man power, and give rise to that of their phenomenal brain power.

A virtual tour of Mystery Hill can be found here:

A detailed tour guide map distributed by the visitor center:

Fitzgerald, Brian. “Archaeology professor debunks claims for ancient rock structures as pseudoscientific fallacy.” Boston University Bridge. February 1st, 2002.

“America's Stonehenge Visitor Information.”

“The Da Vinci Code Connection at America's Stonehenge.”

Dube, Donna M. “America's Stonehenge.” 1997.

“Mystery Hill – America's Stonehenge.”

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Default Re: America's Stonehenge

I love the aerial shot- it puts it in perspective. I think you should take a short road trip, Gregor. If I were closer I'd be there. I was in Manchester last spring. I had no idea!
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Default Re: America's Stonehenge

Looking at the Summer Solstice Stone pic...is it just me or are the colors of the leaves, flowers, etc. slightly "off" above the stone in the center of the pic?
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Default Re: America's Stonehenge

I'd really be interested in visiting this place! i've never been to east coast America before, and the nature and greenery really intrigues me. It's beautiful.
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Default Re: America's Stonehenge

I'm down Gregor, let's go!
I want to visit alot of places like this in america and over seas.
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Default Re: America's Stonehenge

Originally Posted by Flying Pyramid View Post
I'm down Gregor, let's go!
I want to visit alot of places like this in america and over seas.
Awesome to hear! I have a feeling we will meet someday. I am trying to get my archeology professor to go with me. He's internationally recognized for his work with New England neolithic studies and he loves reading my metaphysical treatises. Who better to have on my side haha. Ciao.

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america's stonehenge

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